The Biden administration is well-known for taking steps that have major ramifications for people without regard to the repercussions. Nowhere is that more evident than in a plan that we hope will never come to fruition: Blocking Sunlight or Solar Radiation Modification (solar geoengineering). The report says that the Biden administration has NO plans to deploy such technology…yet.

report was mandated by Congress from the Office of Science and Technology Policy to address the plan for blocking sunlight or Solar Radiation Modification. The climate cult is attempting to force belief in the Earth’s imminent demise due to “climate change.” Except that some of the things they want to try would destroy the very planet they say they want to save.

Science: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion

“If body A exerts a force F on body B, then body B exerts an equal and opposite force F back on body A.” If the Biden administration artificially blocks the sun’s radiation to cool the plant, it could spark a total disaster.

blocking sunlight

Blocking sunlight to cool the Arctic could pose disastrous outcomes for not just species worldwide but farming – our food source. Perhaps the folks coming up with the idea have never checked how the food gets to the grocery store? And they’ve never read about the “mini-ice-age” from Medieval times that devastated crops and caused the rise of deadly diseases. What if a range of volcanoes erupted simultaneously as their deployment of SRM? We’d get the effects of a nuclear winter without the nuclear weapons.

Don’t try blocking the sun.

“Without effective global and democratic controls, however, the geopolitics of possible unilateral deployment of solar geoengineering would be complex and frightening. International law remains vague when it comes to development and deployment of such technologies (Reynolds, 2019)…There are serious concerns about ‘locking in’ solar geoengineering as an infrastructure and policy option as well as about militarization and security…Solar geoengineering is not necessary. Neither is it desirable, ethical, or politically governable in the current context. With the normalization of solar geoengineering research moving on with rapid speed, a strong political message to block these technologies is needed. And this message must come soon.” Letter from scientists (January 2022)

The prospect of any nation unilaterally deploying solar modification to block the sun is frightening. But even with a global consensus, the effects could produce drastic results worldwide. If they attempt to cool the Arctic, the effects would likely slide south to North America and Northern Europe – most of the world’s industrialized and agriculture-producing countries. No growing season? More snow and ice? The people who push this action are the hysterical climate cultists who feed their fear-mongering propaganda to the masses.

The climate cult is also considering marine cloud brightening (MCB) or increasing the reflectivity of clouds so that the heat is reflected back away from the earth. Already underway is the use of reflective sulfur particles that the cultists believe will cool an area -Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI). The project, by a group called “Make Sunsets,” has released balloons capable of releasing the particles. (The Epoch Times).

The problem with this is that not even the report that was released nor scientists who write letters have any inkling of the long-term effects of blocking sunlight. They are “flying blind.” And THAT is the best argument for NOT deploying such measures. As an advertisement once claimed, “Don’t fool with Mother Nature.”

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