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The new PA government, Palestinian Unified Terror Zealots (PUTZ) announced yesterday. The gvt. platform did not meet a singe one of the condition set by the EU for aid and the resumption of peace talks: recognition of Israel’s right to exist, renunciation of terror, and agreement to abide by previous deals. In fact the unity agreement crafted by the PUTZ parties does the opposite, it says that the resistance will continue until Israel is no longer a Jewish State (through the “right of return”).

Despite these PUTZ’ rejection of the conditions set up by the EU a year ago, one quick look at the headlines, you woud thing that it was Israel that selected war over peace.

LONDON TIMES -Israel will not recognise Hamas coalition

WASHINGTON POST-Unity Cabinet Offered By Palestinian Premier – Israeli Officials Quickly Denounce Platform

AP} ASSOCIATED PRESS – Israel Says It Won´t Work With Coalition

The GUARDIAN- Israel risks isolation as Hamas-Fatah coalition takes office rejects new Palestinian Cabinet

I could go on but you get the point. On Wednesday a poll was released that asked American voters what they thought of the Press. About 83 percent of likely voters say the media is biased. And most of those people think the bias is liberal. For those of you shaking your heads and saying “no way” look at the headlines above one more time. Look for others if you want, they are all over the net. Traditional press is no longer about reporting the news, its about disseminating a liberal/anti-Israel bias. They should be recognized as PUTZ also.

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