You see it over and over. The Arab Govts keep saying Israel must accept the Saudi plan AS IS before there can be ANY negotiation. The press especially the British press has been highly critical of Israel for not accepting the “peace” plan for the destruction of Israel AS IS, lock stock and barrel. Its kind of funny how they never print the fact that many of those who are part of the Palestinian PUTZ government have spoken out against the plan or, as a matter of fact, have spoken out against ANY PEACE. Take a look at some of the statements

Mahmoud al-Zahar , one of the Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, said that the Arab summit meeting had not produced anything new. He said that in 2002 it had been “halted” at a certain stage and had never taken off again. He repeated Hamas’ basic ideology: “Our plan is to liberate all Palestine all at once …all Palestine is [one] stage for us. As for our strategic plan, [it is] bringing Islam to every house.” He added that “ We have never recognized and will never recognize the right of Israel to exist in any part of Palestine …if we give up our program of resistance we give up our name! We are the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas” ( Ma’an News Agency , March 30).

Khaled Mashaal , head of Hamas’ political bureau, while on a visit to Algiers where he participated in the Conference of the Jerusalem International Foundation, denied that Hamas had abandoned its military jihad when it took over the government and said that it was determined to continue with the “resistance” (i.e., violence and terrorism) (El-Khabar, Algeria, March 27). On March 31 at a rally in Khan Yunis, Ismail Radwan , Hamas spokesman, said that Hamas would not abandon the “resistance” and would continue with the jihad as its strategic choice “to liberate all of historical Palestine [i.e., “ Palestine ” from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River ].” Hinting at the Riyadh summit meeting he said, “ Jerusalem will not be liberated by meetings, decisions and negotiations, but with the rifle, the Qassam and rockets .” He told his listeners to “ prepare yourselves for jihad, the battle is at hand and our enemies know only the language of force… ” (Pal-media Website, affiliated with Hamas, March 31).

In an Internet posting, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed that the Riyadh summit meeting gave the “Zionist entity” and excuse to continue its “aggressive policies against the Palestinians.” Khaled al-Batash , a senior PIJ figure, said that the Arabs had “unanimously agreed to abandon the Palestinian problem and that they no longer related [positively] to the Palestinians” (Hamas Website, March 29). Ziyad Nakhleh , deputy secretary of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (who lives in Damascus), told the Iranian TV channel Al-‘Alam that the Arab leaders meeting in Riyadh were not authorized to make concessions to the “Zionists” regarding “historical Palestine.” He added that the PIJ’s position was that the idea of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders side by side with Israel should not be discussed(Al-‘Alam, March 28). He also said that the summit meeting’s decisions “conceded the legitimate right of the Palestinian people” and added that “all Arab leaders were forbidden under any circumstances…to cede historical Palestine to the Zionist enemies” (Paltoday Webside, March 29).

Palestinian Islamic Jihad parade in Gaza to protest the Riyadh summit meeting
(Al-Jazeera TV, March 28)
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On March 28 the PIJ and the Popular Resistance Committees held a well-attended parade in the center of Gaza City to protest the “dictations [given to] and the pressures” exerted on the Palestinian people by Israel and the United States, and to demand that the leaders of the Arab summit meeting “ support the resistance in Palestine and in other countries .” Senior PIJ figure Khadr Habib gave a speech in which he said that the rockets launched by the organization on March 28 into Israeli territory “were a message to the Arab summit meeting that our only option is the option of resistance…” (PIJ Website, March 28; Voice of Truth Website of the PRC, March 28).

Source Reaffirmation of the Arab peace initiative by the Riyadh summit meeting
I ntelligence and Terrorism Information Center
at the Israel Intelligence’ Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)

So my question is “I am just a schmo surfing the net over a piece matzo during lunch–How come I can find these quotes but the NY Times,the Guardian, the BBC and CNN can’t? I suspect its because they don’t WANT to find it.