Gee whiz everyone is trying to get into the act. People keep popping out of the woodwork wanting to be spokesmen for the Jews just so they can attack Glenn Beck with false claims of Antisemitism. Most of the attacks come from the hypocritical Media Matters who is funded by the famous “spooky dude,” George Soros.

Sometimes the Beck haters enlist Jewish groups, such as the ADL or the Jewish Funds for Justice to spread the Antisemitic myths obviously hoping that because they have Jewish names the charges will stick, but make no mistake about it, neither the ADL or the Jewish Funds for Justice give a “rats arse” about Jewishness, their real priority is advancing a progressive agenda.

But yesterday, the Beck haters went way beyond the pale, they enlisted Cenk Uygur to accuse Glenn Beck of Antisemitism.

First of all Cenk’s builds his case by cherry-picking names. Who cares if eight of those nine people Cenk cherry-picked were Jewish. Anybody can take a list and pick out the Jews. Cenk’s should look at some of the other names that Glenn Beck has devoted entire shows “attacking”, Bill Ayers, Woodrow Wilson, Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Rev. Wright, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, John Holdren, Jim Wallis just to name a few. Not one of the aforementioned names will ever be mentioned in an Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song (because of their lack of being Jewish).

Beyond his cherry-picking the choice of Cenk Uygur to be the progressives latest “protector of the Jews” is disturbingly interesting. Uygur says he is a friend of the Jews but as a friend he is certainly insensitive to the plight of the Jewish people. Cenk has used the a modern version of the blood libel” against the IDF, invokes a moral equivalency between terrorist acts and Israel’s targeted attacks on Hamas leadership and in one Huffington post article wrote that he can’t stand Judaism (to be fair he can’t stand Islam either).

So, let me make it clear. The original Zionist idea of retaking the holy land and making iist a Jewish state was a terrible and disastrous idea. It was spurred on by their absurd religious beliefs and it has only served to make the Jewish people, let alone everyone else, far less safe. You wonder why I can’t stand Judaism. ( in the same article he talks about not liking Islam either).

Cenk Uygur runs a website called Young Turks which is loaded with Antisemitic comments that are reminiscent of the Antisemitic cartoons published in the Arab media like the one above.

For example, this one by a fellow who calls himself Young Tiger, compares Israel (or as he calls them The Jews), to the Nazis its almost as if he was using the cartoon above as an inspiration:

The Jews seem to unanimously state that All of that land belongs to Jews and no one else and always has.

The Jews may well have owned and occupied those territories for many years, but the fact is, Palestinians have owned and occupied those lands for at least the last 400 years until the UN stuck it’s nose into their business and dumped the Jews there after WWII.

By the Jewish sentiments, should the North American Indians therefore have property rights over all of North America ? They have only been booted off THEIR Lands for 150 years (some much longer, but there is no dispute who was here first).

I am so sick of hearing about the plight of Jews. Yes, the Germans killed many of them and treated them very poorly. But are the present day Israelis considered “better” than the Germans were ? With all the Land Theft and Road Blockades etc and the lousy treatment (backed by England, USA and Canada Governments), who is being mistreated now ?The ONLY difference I see is there are no Ovens. Call me what you will. I will continue to call it as I see it.

How about this comment made by someone named kkdragonlord?

that makes me wonder, jews are mighty poweful over there with holywood and Israel holding America by the balls, what would be the problem with a jew President?

Christian right would freak out or something?

down here we even complain when our candidates try to make a big deal out of faith

Do I think that Cenk Uygur is an anti-Semite? Absolutely not. I do think that he is insensitive to the plight of Israel and the Jews in the world, and he runs a website loaded with anti-Jewish references. Allow me to suggest that before he makes false claims of Antisemitism against Glenn Beck, Cenk Uygur should fix his own “Jewish Problem.

Big Journalism and the Lid are filled with posts I’ve written defending Glenn Beck from false charges of Antisemitism. I have also defended others against similar false charges. Its not because of any special relationship I have with Beck or any of the others I have stood up for. Judaism teaches that Loshen Hora (evil speech) is one of the worst things a person can do, because it can never be totally undone. You can return items you have stolen, but can never totally return someone’s reputation. The Jewish traditions of Loshen Hora make the false charges created by the ADL and the Jewish Funds For Justice even worse, as they are telling slanderous lies to be used by non-Jews as the position of the Jewish community who they do not represent!

Cenk Uygur’s charges of Antisemitism toward Glenn Beck is also classic case of Loshen Hora. Not being a Jew, it is even more disgusting that he make up these kind of charges against Glenn Beck or anyone else. No one elected him to be the spokes person for the Jews or arbiter of Antisemitism. And like most bullies, Uygur made his reprehensible charges without first cleaning out his own house which is filled with hatred.