Its No Fair—-Batya has done it to me again !!! She is always so nice to everyone else and so mean to me again. This time I was on the train —STARVING !!! What does she Do? She sends me an Email about the Kosher Cooking Carnival..OY.. and on a 17 inch screen!!

OK the Chicken in mushroom sauce didn’t bother me cause I am not a big mushroom guy (at least not since college but that is a much longer story). But Oy the bread…the stuffing..Soccer Dad’s house becoming a Shabbos Challah shop. I am drooling…and I haven’t even reached half way home. I am telling you this is not fair.. Not FAIR AT ALL !!! AND Luigi’s in JERUSALEM…OY I loved that place.

Please take my advice….If you are Hungry and on a train DO NOT click here to go to Kosher Cooking Carnival…you will end up up drooling on the person next to you on the train…ooh Sorry Mister.