America’s most arrogant Elmer Fudd imitator, Congressman Barney Frank is once again showing his contempt for the American People.  This past weekend Frank was at a campaign rally in Provincetown  Mass, and said the reason the progressive Democrats are having reelection problems is the  the flawed messaging of the Obama administration. Yep, you guessed it, he says they did not blame President Bush enough:

Frank said Obama made a critical mistake when he took office in January 2009 by being too nice to Republicans and failing to tell the public just how bad things were following the presidency of George W. Bush. That has left Frank and other Democrats vulnerable to Republican attacks that they are to blame for problems facing the nation — from the intractable war in Afghanistan to the economic collapse at home — when the roots of those crises were planted during the Bush administration, Frank said.

“The president was not partisan enough; he did not put the blame where it lay, and so we’re in a tough fight now,’’ he told roughly 70 attendees at a fund-raiser.

Frank doesn’t even understand why American’s are angry at Obama and his progressive friends. Yes Americans are upset about the economy, we are upset that after 20 months of controlling the White House, the economy is still in the sewer and it is getting worse, we are upset that our children and grandchildren’s financial futures have been sold on an altar of progressive programs, that their freedom has been leveraged to give more power to a federal government in ways that the founders of this country warned us to avoid.

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We are angry about Afghanistan, we are angry that when the ground commander asked for a surge of 80,000 troops, the Democratic Party President sat on his arse for four months and then gave him 30,000 troops.  We are angry that the president made our troops work harder by appeasing terrorists and showing our proud country look week.

But most of all we angry that arrogant SOBs like Barney Frank think that the Americans that put him into office are stupid. That we don’t understand any of the issues or the harm that his progressive wing of the Democratic Party has done to the United States, with bills like the stimulus, cap and trade, Health Care and the financial reform bill.  Each one of those bills were designed to spend money that we don’t have and erode our freedoms.  We are angry because after the Democratic Party controlling congress for almost four years and controlling the White House for almost two, Progressives like Barney Frank believe that Americans are so stupid that we still buy that childish “Blame Bush” nonsense.

If just once, the Progressive Democrats that are trying to run the lives of each and every American tried to listen to the American people instead of telling us why we don’t understand this country would be in better shape and so would most Democrats reelection chances. This country was created by regular folk, not by arrogant politicians who blow smoke out of their buttocks, and this country is about to be taken back by regular folk.