Either Barbara Walters is quickly sinking into dementia or she has had too much of the Barack Obama Kool Aid. Today on The View She described a recent interview with the President-elect and his wife, well maybe not described, gushed is more like it. First she talked about how she is supposed to be neutral, and then she acted like a teenage girl just home from her first date, “They are so Smart” and ” They are the most appealing couple.” The viewer was left wondering if she was going to get out of her chair and start singing “I feel pretty”

Walters mushy moment was followed up with some nasty comments about President Bush by the brain damaged Joy Behar.

Read the Full transcript below:

BARBARA WALTERS: Well, very unexpectedly, we heard from the Obama people on Monday. Would I like to come to Chicago and do an interview with the president-elect and Mrs. Obama? And I said “I’m very busy. I don’t know how I can work”- However, it was a very- you know, I’m supposed to be very neutral, but they are the most appealing couple, and so smart and you know- It was a very substantial interview. I mean, he discussed the fact that CEO’s, all these people who are taking all of our money and shouldn’t have bonuses. He talked about the auto industry. He talked about Afghanistan and when he has to send troops. He talks about tax decreases. And he wanted us all to come to the White House.

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ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Even me? Are you sure all of us?

BEHAR: You too!

HASSELBECK: I just want to get this confirmed now

WALTERS: Elisabeth, even you. They asked me how you were.

HASSELBECK: That’s nice.

WALTERS: They really did. The interview with him was a very serious interview because he feels as many people do that he’s in limbo. You know, these 60 days, he’s putting his team together, those 60 days before he can actually come in and-

BEHAR: Is he worried that Bush would cause more damage in the next 60 days?

WALTERS: I don’t think it’s that I think it’s [laughter] She never changes.

BEHAR: Just, you know, I’m worried about that