Being offline during the Rosh Hashana holiday there was plenty of reading to catch up on beginning with sundown last night.  I ran across one item that was so outrageous it was incredible that no one had picked up on it.  Sadly Barbra Streisand, one of the most incredible singing voices of our time had suffered some sort of massive brain injury or horrible brain disease.  There was no announcement, nothing in the entertainment blogs.  However a feature in yesterday’s Huffington Post penned by Ms. Streisand was so void of truth, facts and logic that it is very clear the poor woman is suffering from some horrible malady.

In the piece called Obama vs. Romney: A Clear Choice the Aging Star wrote things she could have only picked up from some sort of delusions:

Will the country be better off returning to the policies of George W. Bush’s Administration?”

Like Bush, Governor Romney believes we need more tax cuts for the
wealthiest 2% and fewer rules for Wall Street. He wants to roll back
financial reform and set Wall Street free to write its own rules again.
He wants to repeal health care reform and leave 30 million people
without a safety net. And the trillions in tax cuts he wants to give to
millionaires and billionaires will only force more devastating cuts to
critical programs that serve the middle-class.

First of all Romney is promising to be budget conscious, “W” wasn’t. Over eight years Bush added to the deficit more than any president in history–until Obama who took less than four years to breeze past Bush’s record.

There is nothing in the Romney plan calling for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.  There is a call for everybody getting a tax cut to be paid by closing tax loopholes. Since it is millionaires and billionaires who generally take advantage of the loopholes, this will not have an effect in middle class but on the “upper income brackets.”

The curious part of it all is how the heck would Barbra know anything about the middle class?  We are talking about a woman who is pampered from head to toe-24 hours a day. During one appearance she famously made demands of her hotel which included:

A source told the New York Post newspaper: “It was totally insane. She requested that there be no oysters in her room at any time, that every square inch of her hotel room and bathroom be carpeted and that the head of her bed be elevated a specific number of degrees off the ground. And she said the bed couldn’t be propped up – she wanted an engineer to come in and do it himself.

“She also requested that she not have to use the lobby during her arrival or departure – which was comical when she arrived with her husband and proceeded to plough right through the front door.”

Streisand goes on to list every anti-Romney talking point from the Obama campaign.  But there is one statement that stands out as something that had to come from her poor damaged brain:

Compared to George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, Obama has been more
fiscally conservative than any other president in recent history, with
the exception of President Bill Clinton.

 Huh.  Lets look at the facts, in eight years as President Ronald Reagan increased the debt by $1.65 trillion, George W. Bush by $5.00 trillion (keep in mind about $800 billion of Bush’s number was the Obama stimulus which gets counted to Bush’s total because it took place in the 2008/9 fiscal year).

In less than four years, president Obama has increased the national debt by $5.35 trillion more than either president did in eight. At our present rate of spending by the end of this term, the Obama debt will be around  $6.1 trillion which approaches the total of Reagan and Bush combined…in only half the time.

An easy math mistake for the pampered diva who’s contracts stipulates that the Hotel’s staff not turn their backs on, or look directly at the Diva.

10 specific designer lamps, and requested that the hotel’s security
team wear dark sweaters. We wonder if the singing superstar even knew
she’d checked into a different hotel once she got to the celeb-centric
Dorchester Hotel in London later on in the trip since she’d submitted
the same rider to them. Still, all that’s a step above (or in a
different direction) from the instructions given to the staff at the MGM Grand to enter and leave the star’s room backwards, so as not to look directly at her.” Hotel Chatter

 Its obvious that the aging pop superstar is having some horrible mental issues so rather than poke fun at her asinine column, we should all feel bad for her– Its not nice to make fun of sick people, especially those that you can’t directly look at.