Senator Obama likes to cast “big business” as the evil empire. Everything wrong with America is the fault of Industry. No other industry does he hit harder than the automotive industry. Last year Obama stood in front of leaders in the Auto industry and Beat them up. And he continues through today. On of the things he points to is the reaction to that speech he made last year. He goes around the country talking about the lousy reaction he got from the Auto big shots. Only one problem…He is lying.

Obama’s profile in exaggeration
Ed Lasky
Barack Obama is developing a credibility problem. Even with some members of the MSM. The man who poses as above “old politics” knows how to spin. The latest example to come to our attention comes from Justin Hyde of the Detroit Free Press.

To hear Sen. Barack Obama tell it, his speech to the Detroit Economic Club last May pitching tougher fuel-economy standards was a Daniel-in-the-lion’s-den moment, one that he has replayed for crowds from Oregon to North Carolina.
“I went to Detroit and told the automakers that they’re going to have to raise fuel-efficiency standards on cars,” the Democratic presidential front-runner told an Indianapolis audience earlier this month. “And I have to say that when I delivered that speech, nobody clapped. The room was really quiet. But that’s OK, because that’s part of what is the task of the next president.”

The Illinois senator’s retelling of his story has a few flourishes. While Obama has repeatedly said “nobody clapped” and that his message was met with silence, the record from that speech from the Detroit Economic Club tells a different story. Obama won at least mild applause several times from the crowd of 2,000.

Because of the violation of Party rules, Senator Obama has not yet had an “election” in Michigan, but he has growing opposition.

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Automotive insiders say that Obama has seemed condescending to the industry — continuing to hit Detroit for lagging in fuel economy, long after the companies agreed to tougher rules. They point to his interview last week on “Meet the Press,” in which he chided automakers for not spending more on fuel-saving technology before gas prices hit record highs. “Now we’re seeing a huge growth in fuel-efficient cars that is benefitting the Japanese automakers, and Detroit is getting pounded some more,” Obama said.