Today the Winograd testimony of Former Prime Minister and present Labor party standard bearer, Ehud Barak, was released to the public. To be honest I have been waiting all day to comment. The more I read what he said, the more I realize that Ehud Barak is just as out-of-touch with the real world as present Prime Minister Ehud Olmert….maybe its the name Ehud.

Barak defends Lebanon withdrawal in 2000

Defense minister testifies before Winograd Commission on years leading up to Israel’s pullout from Lebanon. On Second Lebanon War he says, ‘We should have struck hard and said that unless these two boys are returned within six weeks, Israel will act at its own discretion.

And Barak should know because when Israeli soldiers Adi Avitan, Benyamin Avraham and Omar Sawaid were kidnapped in October 2000 Barak did abso-freeking-lutly Nada.

Barak also spoke of the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers Adi Avitan, Benyamin Avraham and Omar Sawaid in October 2000. “In the weeks leading up to the kidnapping… I instructed the general staff several times… to prepare for the possibility of a kidnapping. It was made clear in earlier security assessments that the Shebaa farms is a volatile region.

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Way to take responsibility just like the other Ehud.. You may blame others but we all know that YOU SAT ON YOUR HANDS!

Defense Minister Ehud Barak is convinced that the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 – which he presided over as prime minister – was the only right move for Israel.

Well that was a big help Barak, after all not only did you cede all of Southern Lebanon to Hezbollah but they way you commanded the the IDF to leave it made everyone feel that you we scared away–emboldening the enemy.

And of course the big positive is that you gave the Winograd committee Jobs. If it wasn’t for the Idiotic way you left southern Lebanon there wouldn’t have been a Second Lebanese War.

Barak also addressed tactical issues pertaining to the Second Lebanon War. The objective of a war is to win, he said, and laid out the choices he would have made had he been part of the government during the war.

“Strike hard, and then say: “Unless these two boys are returned within six weeks, Israel will act at its own discretion. And now you take those six weeks and you use them to prepare the orchestra to play the piece you want it to perform with… that’s something you need to prepare for.”

And what did you say during the build up to the War? What advice did you give? Where were the headlines that said “Former PM Says don’t Jump into War”? I must have missed them. Barak was one of the most ineffectual Prime Ministers in Israeli History. Quick to make concessions (including giving away the Temple Mount), slow to protect the Israeli people, slow to take responsibility for his actions, quick to blame others. Lets face it Barak is just Olmert without the comb-over.