President Obama is and expert at doublespeak, language  deliberately disguising , distorting, and/or reversing the meaning of words. Thus taxes are revenue enhancements, government overspending is called an investment, and making unreasonable demands on Israel while making no demands on the Palestinian terrorists is called being pro-Israel.

But this latest ditty crosses the line from doublespeak to outright lying.  This campaign ad appears on “

Stand against “zeroing out” aid to Israel

Republican candidates for president Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich all say they would cut foreign aid to Israel—and every other country—to zero.

Stand up to this extreme isolationism and join the call to reject the Romney-Perry-Gingrich plan.

 Holy Cow! The most anti-Israel President in the history of Modern Israel is trying to deflect from his lousy record by saying the Republicans will be worse. Each of these candidate have said they would take a zero-based approach to foreign aid, not one of them has indicated they would stop sending aid to Israel. Each of the above candidates have long track records of supporting Israel, at times both Gingrich and Perry  have been accused of being over the top in their support of the Jewish State.  As for Romney, support of Israel is one of the areas he hasn’t flip-flopped on.

Obama’s internal polling must show he is in danger of  losing a big slice of the 78% of Jews who voted for him in 2008–hence his recent appointment of an Orthodox Jew as his Chief of Staff and his lies about the GOP and Israel.

If Obama feels so strongly about his anti-Israel positions, he should explain why they are correct, but he doesn’t need to lie about them, or drag others down into the dirt with him.

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