Last night President Barack “My Middle Name is Hussein Dammit” Obama spoke at the   House Democratic Caucus boondoggle in Williamsburg, Va.  He gave a rousing campaign speech, bashing President Bush at every opportunity, throwing his promise or bipartisanship out the window.

The Speech was totally misdirected, beyond the fact that it contained rhetoric that was just not true, he did not blame the person most responsible for his stimulus plan becoming a political hot potato; Barack Hussein Obama. Just as he was famous for in the Illinois State Senate, President Obama has “voted president” throughout this entire process. He allowed the queen of partisanship, Nancy Pelosi to hijack the writing of the bill, and when the process began to fall apart, he allowed the congress to try to sort it out themselves instead of inviting all parties to the White House, rolling up his sleeves, and working out the bill as a bipartisan committee. That would be leadership.

The tone and rhetoric of his speech came right out of the campaign, maybe someone should tell him the time for running is over and now it is time to lead:

….All of you acted with a discipline that matches the urgency and the gravity of the crisis that we face. Because you know what’s at stake. Every weekend you go home to your districts and you see factories that are closing and small businesses shutting their doors. You hear from families losing their homes; students that can’t pay their tuition; seniors who are worrying about whether they can retire with dignity, or see their kids and grandkids lead a better life.So you went to work, and you did your job. For that, you have my appreciation and admiration. And more importantly, you’ve got the American people’s thanks, because they know it is time to get something done here in Washington. 

 Yes something should be Done Mr. President, but let me tell you something I learned in life.  There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but there is always enough time to fix it the second time. Today I begin my 7th month of unemployment.  This package will do NOTHING to fix the economy and help me get a job.

…..The American people know that our challenges are great. They’re not expecting Democratic solutions or Republican solutions — they want American solutions. And I’ve said that same thing to the public, and I’ve said that, in a gesture of friendship and goodwill, to those who have disagreed with me on aspects of this plan.But what I have also said is — don’t come to the table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped to create this crisis.  You know, all of us here — imperfect. And everything we do andeverything I do is subject to improvement. Michelle reminds me every day how imperfect I am. 

So you are saying that Change means rehashing every old Democratic program that hasn’t been passed in the last 40 years and putting it in one bill.  Senator Reid can get the 60 votes he needs easy—all he has to do is take out 200-250 BILLION Dollars of fat.

…So I welcome this debate. But come on, we’re not — we are not going to get relief by turning back to the very same policies that for the last eight years doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin.

Lets take this in two pieces, this plan takes the doubling of the debt and triples it.  And don’t forget, the economy has been in a tailspin for six months not eight years.  And if you are bashing the people who threw our economy into a tailspin let me suggest you look at Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who fought the regulation of Fanny and Freddie, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who fought the efforts to pull us off foreign oil by exploiting US resources.

…So the American people are watching. They did not send us here to get bogged down with the same old delay, the same old distractions, the same talking points, the same cable chatter.

 Nor did we sent you there to spend billions of dollars on honey bee resarch or to reward your ACORN buddies.

 They did not vote for the false theories of the past, and they didn’t vote for phony arguments and petty politics. They didn’t vote for the status quo — they sent us here to bring change. We owe it to them to deliver. This is the moment for leadership that matches the great test of our times. And I know you want to work with me to get there.

If we do not move swiftly to sign the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law, an economy that is already in crisis will be faced with catastrophe. This is not my assessment. This is not Nancy Pelosi’s assessment. This is the assessment of the best economists in the country.

Well not exactly, there are many economists including those in the Congressional Budget office that says this plan is not going to help us get jobs and is too slow to give us a real econimic boost.

Millions more Americans will lose their jobs. Homes will be lost. Families will go without health care. Our crippling dependence on foreign oil will continue. That is the price of inaction.

Our crippling dependence on foreign oil??? Just the other day you canceled land leases that would allow drilling off of Utah. YOU are increasing our dependence on foreign Oil.

Understand the scale and the scope of this plan is right. And when you start hearing arguments on the cable chatter, just understand a couple of things. Number one, when they say, well, why are we spending $800 billion — we’ve got this huge deficit? First of all, I found this deficit when I showed up. Number one.  I found this national debt doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office.

And the way to fight the big deficit is to make it MUCH LARGER? Mr Obama, weren’t you the guy who promised to fight government spending by going through the budget on an item by item basis? How bout starting with this big hunk of Pork? What’s wrong with the McCain amendment which will cut off the spending on this stimulus once we are out of the recession?

Number two, it is expected that we are going to lose about a trillion dollars worth of demand this year, a trillion dollars of demand next year because of the contraction in the economy. So the reason that this has to be big is to try to fill some of that lost demand. And as it is, there are many who think that we should be doing even more. So we are taking prudent steps.

How much of the bill is doing anything?  More than half of it will not be spent for over two years?

Point number two: When they start talking about, well, we need more tax cuts — we started this package with a healthy amount of tax cuts in the mix, recognizing that some tax cuts can be very beneficial, particularly if they’re going to middle class and working families that will spend that money.  That’s not me talking; that’s the economists talking, who insisted that they’re most likely to spend and get that money into circulation and stimulate the economy.

You are also giving tax cuts to people who do not pay taxes, they will be getting more money back then they pay in with holding, I guess you can get something for nothing. If this bill is implemented 50% of America will not pay taxes. And you can get the “free money” even if you are an Illegal Alien. Cool right?

….Then there’s the argument, well, this is full of pet projects. When was the last time that we saw a bill of this magnitude move out with no earmarks in it? Not one. 

 You, Mr. President promised that there would be no pork in the plan and now you say, hey everybody does it? Is it OK to cheat on your taxes if everyone does it? Well is it ok if to cheat on taxes if you don’t work for YOUR administration and cheat on your taxes?

….This package is not going to be absolutely perfect, and you can nit and you can pick, and that’s the game we all play here. We know how to play that game. What I’m saying is, now we can’t afford to play that game. We’ve got to pull together.

So why don’t you sit down with the bill and cross out what you don’t like and MAKE it perfect. Its called LEADERSHIP!!

This plan will save or create over three million jobs — almost all of them in the private sector. This plan will put people to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges; our dangerously deficient dams and levees. This plan will put people to work modernizing our health care system. That doesn’t just save us billions of dollars, it saves countless lives, because we’ll reduce medical errors. This plan will put people to work renovating more than 10,000 schools — (applause) — giving millions of children the chance to learn in 21st century classrooms, and libraries and labs — creating new scientists for a new future. This plan will provide sensible tax relief for the struggling middle class, and unemployment insurance and continued health care coverage for those who’ve lost their jobs…

This plan will cause runaway inflation, This Plan will create a national debt that will saddle our country for centuries, this plan will take money from the people who create Jobs and give it to people who don’t pay taxes and even worse, people who are in the country illegally. This plan will reward ACORN which is under indictment for election fraud in a dozen states.  Just THE WASTE in this plan is bigger than any stimulus plan the United States has ever had. This plan will hurt the United States Economy for generations to come.