President Trump just announced he has moderated a Bahrain Israel peace. His second peace deal between Israel and one of her Arab neighbors in less than a month. And just like the UAE deal, it does not involve “land for peace,” only “peace for peace”

The following is a joint announcement issued by all three countries.

After no movement toward peace in the Middle East in twenty-five years, President Trump has moderated deals between Israel and two different Persian Gulf Muslim nations in 29 days.

Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the citizens of Israel:

 “Citizens of Israel, I am excited to inform you that tonight we will reach another peace agreement with another Arab country, Bahrain. This follows the historic peace agreement with the UAE. It took us 26 years to get from the second peace agreement with an Arab state to the third peace agreement, and it took us not 26 years but 29 days to reach the peace agreement between the third Arab state and the fourth Arab state, and there will be more.”

Nabeel Alhamer, the media adviser to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa King of Bahrain tweeted

For the past few days, many speculated that another country would join the UAE in normalizing ties with Israel very shortly. During a Thursday press conference, President Trump gave a hint of what was coming. “You’ll be hearing other countries coming in over a relatively short period. And you could have peace in the Middle East.”

Bahrain is more open to peace with Israel because of Iranian terror and nuclear ambitions, While the two are not at war. Iran sees itself as the leader of the Shia Muslim world (its population is 95%, Shia).  Bahrain is majority Shia  (60%+) but is ruled by a Sunni royal family. Something that bothers the Iranian mullahs.

As you can see below, Bahrain borders Saudi Arabia and the UAE and is right across the gulf from Iran.


Like the UAE, deal with the Bahrain agreement with Israel is one that only President Trump could make.

The supposed peace experts of previous administrations always claimed that no Arab country would ever formalize ties with Israel before a Palestinian state was created.  Trump created an outline of a deal, and the Palestinians refused to participate in its development.  The patience of moderate Arab States, already losing patience with the Palestinians because they refused to make any compromise, was strained even further by Abbas’ refusal to work with Trump on a peace proposal. You will know their patience is totally gone when the Saudis join in on the fun.

Obviously, this deal could have never happened under the previous administration. Obama’s hatred of Israel and Jews resulted in an Israeli mistrust of anything Obama. His deal with Iran and the lack of follow-through of his threats to Syria resulted in the Gulf States’ lack of trust in the Obama administration.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the following statement:

On the 19th anniversary of 9/11, we usher in a new era of peace. It’s humbling when the course of history changes seemingly overnight. In less than one month, under President Trump’s leadership, we have another historic agreement, this time between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain. As the President laid out at the beginning of this Administration, he would strengthen America’s friendships and build new partnerships in pursuit of peace. He kept his promise. The two peace agreements open new possibilities for peace and prosperity. From my recent travels to the region, there is clear momentum for a new Middle East. I thank King Hamad and Prime Minister Netanyahu for having the courage to change the fate of nations.

There will be more countries to join the Peace with Israel process, and quickly, I would not yet believe the rumor that Saudi will be next. Qatar and Oman are more likely.

Trump’s ability to help others make a historic peace is one more reason why he should be re-elected so he can bring more countries together. The more Arab states Trump can convince to make peace, the more stable is the region. The more stable the region, the safer Americans are.

Below is a video of the President discussing the deal.