UH-OH There’s more trouble ahead for Hillary Clinton, the State Department staffer who freelanced as the tech guy who set up and managed her home server (Bryan Pagliano) told investigators that they shouldn’t bother with a subpoena because he would just take the fifth. But now Senate investigators are dangling immunity in front of him. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, the chairmen of two key committees investigating the situation, said they have authority to extend immunity compelling Mr. Pagliano to talk.

The two senators also asked Pagliano’s attorney to “meet with the committees’ staff to explore how to obtain the unique information you possess while respecting your constitutional rights, such as the possibility of a proffer session so that we can better understand what your testimony would be without any waiver of your rights.”

The 2008 Clinton campaign staffer who followed the former Secretary of State to the State Department to oversee the special server, said through his lawyers that he would assert his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself when subpoenaed by the House Benghazi Committee. He’s refusing to answer the committee’s and FBI’s questions about what he knew of the technology.

But immunity could change all that and make it easier for him to answer the panels’ questions. But it would also prevent any federal charges related to the email matter from being brought against him the future.

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In related news, Mrs. Clinton reversed course Tuesday and kind of apologized in an ABC News interview for the private server, “That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility,” she said. But then she taped the Ellen show and retreated to her original story, that she was only sorry it led to confusion.

Depending on the information Mr. Pagliano is holding back…Mrs Clinton may end up being sorry for a lot more than just causing confusion.