Today a 4PM EDT The best news show on the internet (or anywhere else) The B-Cast  Re-launches at its new home

B-Cast Hosts Liz Stephens and Scott Baker say that the new B-Cast home will allow the program to continue to use internet video to cover the news of the day with the same entertaining B-Cast attitude.

“After three years on (175 million page views and 30,000 video posts later!), Liz and I decided it was time to focus on new directions. Part of that involves launching a new site for The B-Cast ( Our first show on the new site will be Monday at 4pm. Over three million people have watched live or on-demand versions of The B-Cast in it’s first two years and we think the new directions will make it even more fun and informative.”

I for one, cant wait to see the new bells and whistles Liz and Scott will be putting into the new show. Join me at the B-Cast today at 4PM EDT.