Here they come, the Obama campaign with a losing ideology and an awful record is campaigning on the only thing it can, attacking the opposition.  Senior political adviser to the campaign David Axelrod is trying to do the same thing to Paul Ryan as the campaign and mainstream media did to Sarah Palin.  In this case they are calling him Sarah Palin.

Axelrod let loose on CBS this morning.

 A senior political adviser to President Barack Obama is likening Mitt Romney’s selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin.

David Axelrod tells “CBS This Morning” he recalls “that kind of excitement four years ago” when McCain presented Palin to the country as his choice for vice president. Axelrod says in Monday’s interview he thinks the selection of Ryan, who is popular with tea party figures – as Palin was – is “not going to be a plus for Mr. Romney.”

Axelrod says he likes Ryan personally, but he also is labeling the Wisconsin Republican “a certifiable right-wing ideologue.”

Obama’s adviser says Ryan is “a genial fellow, but his views are quite harsh,” and he says “these Republicans don’t like Medicare.”

Isn’t it precious the way the Obama’s guy starts by complementing him before he stabs him with the Chicago politics knife…. “a genial fellow, but his views are quite harsh.” It reminds me of my friends from the south who believe you can say mean and nasty things about a person as long as you end with “Bless his heart”
Maybe a little truth would be helpful for Mr. Axelrod, after all the Romney plan (which the ticket is running on) does not cut Medicare, but Obamacare does.  Obamacare cuts medicate by over $770 billion dollars.  Of course the way he spends, that is a drop in the bucket for the President.

Ideologue  is a strange word for Axelrod to use when he is trying to reelect a President who pursues programs that fit his progressive/socialist ideology, such as Obamacare and of course his class warfare campaign.

Maybe instead of trying to create their definition of Ryan, the Obama campaign could talk about what they would do, their policies etc.  I suppose that might be a bit much for a president who has spent much of the past few years blaming others for his mistakes.

Ryan works with the opposition and compromises, Obama tries to shove his policies down the oppositions throats and will not approve any legislation which counters his “redistribution of wealth” philosophy.  So who really is the ideologue here?

This is typical of the dirty politics and name calling we are going to hear from the Obama campaign until election day. They can’t talk about Obama’s record because it is so awful (Bless his heart).