The latest Issue of New Scientist has an interview with Atmospheric Scientist Ralf Keeling. Keeling is asked about recent readings made at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii which  recorded a carbon dioxide concentration of 400 parts per million for the first time.

It’s a psychological milestone. Every year in the last few decades, CO2 concentrations have been going up by about 2 ppm per year. Those changes go unnoticed but people pay attention to round numbers. It gives you a bit of perspective on how far we’ve come – a bit like turning 40, or 50.

Before the industrial revolution, we started at about 280 ppm. 100 years ago, levels had risen to around 300, and they crossed 350 in the late 1980s. We think the last time concentrations were as high as 400 ppm was between 3 and 5 million years ago, when the world was much warmer….

…At 400 ppm, we’ve perturbed Earth enough already that things could unfold that will be catastrophic.

The real catastrophic element (for Keeling and his climate hoaxer buddies)is that despite the increasing CO2 levels it just isn’t getting warmer.

The Met office in
the UK which is one of the key proponents of the Climate Change hoax
said global warming stopped over 15 years ago. Recently the BBC echoed that claim. The Economist described it as:

DEBATE about the reality of a two-decade pause in global warming and
what it means has made its way from the sceptical fringe to the

In a lengthy article this week, The Economist magazine said if climate
scientists were credit-rating agencies, then climate sensitivity – the
way climate reacts to changes in carbon-dioxide levels – would be on
negative watch but not yet downgraded.

Another paper published by leading climate scientist James Hansen,
the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says the lower
than expected temperature rise between 2000 and the present could be
explained by increased emissions from burning coal.

Sure— and eating lots of Ice Cream will cure my diabetes.

The scientists who are perpetuating the global warming hoax (like Ralf Keeling don’t understand why!! (of course they neglect the obvious that their climate models were/are WRONG).

But they continue spewing their unproven theory and lousy climate models in the face of stable world wide temperatures and the predictions of a very cold summer in some parts of the world.

Spain is renowned for summer heat in July and August each year. However, according to French weather channel, Meteo, the forecast is for the worst summer in western Europe since 1816, which was a year known by meteorological experts as “the year without summer”. Sounds like we mustn’t pack away our warm clothing just yet, as the weather channel reckons that there is a 70% chance of this summer being cold and wet across not only Spain, but also France, Portugal, Germany and Austria.

Yesterday a friend commented that for the past few years there has been no spring, no gradual warming in May..we’ve gone from cold straight to hot and that hot weather is coming later and later.  I have noticed the trend also but can’t confirm without back up and temperature trends. But what can be confirmed is that the last time global temperature rose, Al Gore’s Chakra was working for Bill
Clinton…that was way before his Oscar-winning movie and he began the investment company which
“coincidentally” is poised to make billions of dollars off of the
global warming scare.