If Hillary Clinton is able to claim a victory in both Texas and Ohio tonight she will be eventually be the Nominee of the Democratic Party (unless of course she lets Bill out again).

Should this scenario occur, one day when we look back on it we will say Tim Russert loosened the lug nuts on the Pseudo Messiah’s tires. Russert asked legitimate questions about the bigots that Obama has been hiding in his closet, Farrakhan and Wright. Senator Obama’s answer seemed at best contrived (followed by a really stupid Hillary response).

Funny thing happened right after the debate, African- American columnists began to write essays explaining that he was only playing the game (Ralph Nader said the same thing), his questionable relationship with Antoin “Tony” Rezko is back in the news, and proof has come out that he lied about NAFTA.

With each passing day he looks a little less like a “messiah” and a little more like your typical slimy politician. The NAFTA news he is trying to cover up by saying that the person that spoke to the Canadian government was not speaking for the campaign (he HAS learned from Clinton), he has responded to the Farrakhan issue by finding a terrorist that he would not meet with. bama has said in the past he would be willing to meet with leaders with whom the Bush administration strongly disagrees, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahm-a-Shithead and Cuban leader Raul Castrato. Yesterday though, he announced that he would not meet with Hamas.

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At his press conference yesterday he was peppered with questions about NAFTA and his friend Tony and avoided everything:

Obama blamed the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton for pushing the story, something it has done in repeated news releases. Obama refused to say how many fundraisers Rezko held for him or who attended. “These requests, I think, can just go on forever,” he said. “What we’ve just tried to do is respond to what’s pertinent.” “If there are additional questions, we’ll be happy to answer them,” he said. He then recognized a local reporter who changed the subject. As the news conference came to an end and reporters continued to shout questions about Rezko, Obama said it was time to move on. “We’re running late,” he said.

No more honest call for change?

Folks, to be honest, I believe that either democratic candidate would be a disaster for America. As Newt Gingrich said last night on Fox, you can’t really be sure which candidate would be easier to face. But I will tell you that Obama is finally feeling the heat. When he made all of those racist references Bill Clinton made Barak Obama an untouchable. As the front runner Obama has started to act “touchable” again. If tonight’s primary give them a bit more time I believe that the Clinton machine will run him over.