There is an Old Yiddish Saying, Tuchas affen Tish. Literally it means put your ass on the table, in context it means come on lets get serious. The Palestinian Authority’s buddies in the Arab World need to Stop bitching about a ‘Humanitarian” crisis in the Palestinian Territories, and put their asses on the table:

Remember that “Global Donor” Conference in Paris. The Palestinian Authority raised over $7.4 BILLION. (See $7.4 Billion Buys Lots of Bombs, Bullets and Rockets). US figures show that foreign donors have pledged $1.55 billion dollars for this year, including $717 million from Arab League members in financial support to the Palestinian Authority. To date only $153 million of Arab pledges have been delivered only 21% of what they promised and all of it came from three countries: Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Algeria.

Folks once again the Arab League is proving that they don’t give a rats ass about the Palestinians. Last time I looked, many of those Arab League are producing oil. And last time I checked I was paying $3.84 per gallon for gas. So why can’t these whiners put Tuchas Affen Tish?