A newspaper in the UAR, Al Itihad, has published an article about the history of the homicide bomber. Apparently this particularly heinous crime is a Jewish and not a Muslim creation. They claim that when Samson pulled down the Philistine temple it was the equivalent of a suicide bombing. Maybe thats why Samson is looked upon as a failed hero. Jews don’t honor failed hero’s even if they act in the name of G-d. Maybe that’s why we don’t glorify Samson the way Arabs glorify everybody who blows themselves up.

Arab Paper: Samson Was the First Shaheed (IsraelNN.com)

In an attempt to show that Jews and not Arabs are not to blame for inventing suicide killings, an Arab newspaper article claims that biblical hero Samson – known in Hebrew as Shimshon Hagibor – was the first ‘shaheed’ (martyr). The article in Al Itihad, which is published in the United Arab Emirates, quotes the passages from the Book of Judges which describe Samson’s final act of heroism, in which he brought down a Philistine temple, killing the enemy leadership along with himself.

The article appears under the headline: “Suicide Bombings [sic] Began with the Jews and Did Not End with Kamikazes.” It describes suicide attacks throughout history, mentioning the Japanese kamikaze pilots of World War 2, the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers and the Spaniards in the civil war of the 1930s as examples of forces which used this tactic.