With the American intervention in Libya we see the beginning of an “Obama Doctrine” It hasn’t really been identified as such, but the outline has been formed. Based on the doctrine championed by the President’s anti-Israel adviser Samantha Power, we now know the United States will follow the lead of Europe, the United Nations and/or the Arab League and intervene in any military action where they perceive civilians are being targeted.

Now the Arab League is calling for that “Obama Doctrine” to be used over Gaza to prevent Israel from protecting herself against the month-long escalation of Hamas attacks against Israeli communities.

Beginning in Mid March, Hamas began an accelerated wave of terrorism against Israel. In the twenty-two days beginning with March 18th and ending April 8, Hamas fired 35 rockets and 145 mortars into civilian Negev communities. That’s an average of eight projectiles a day aimed toward Israeli civilians. That doesn’t even count Thursday’s horrific attack where Hamas terrorists fired a guided anti-tank missile into a clearly marked yellow school bus critically injuring a 16-year-old boy.

Two days after the attack the al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas held a press conference where they now claim that the school bus they destroyed with an anti-tank missile was a military target:

At a news conference Saturday afternoon in Gaza, [Hamas spokesman] Abu Obeida denied allegations by the occupation that the bus targeted by al-Qassam Brigades near the so-called Kfar Saad, east of Gaza, was civilian. He confirmed that it is a bus shuttling between military sites and traveling on the military road that is a security belt for the movement of tanks, which fired missiles against our people.

Israel struck back to defend herself, attack helicopters and IDF tanks struck back at a number of targets throughout the Gaza Strip. In total, the IDF reports that 19 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists have been killed in air strikes and ground attacks another 47 terrorists have been wounded, and there are two known deaths of civilians since the counter-attacks began on Thursday evening.

That didn’t deter the terrorists, another 12o projectiles were fired from Gaza by Hamas over the weekend, they even desecrated a cemetery by using it to hide rocket launchers.

The Arab League, which according to the President is an organization looking for a peaceful two-state negotiated solution between Israel and the Arab Palestinians decided to take action against this renewed violence. No, they didn’t try to reign in the terrorists, demanding that their fellow Arabs stop attacking Israeli civilians, instead they called for implementation of the “Obama Doctrine.” As reported by China’s Xinhua News Agency

In a statement issued after an emergency meeting of the pan- Arab organization at the permanent delegates’ level in its Cairo headquarter, the AL said it would ask the United Nations Security Council to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the Israeli aggression over Gaza to lift the siege and impose a no-fly zone against the Israeli military to protect civilians.

The statement rejected the double standard policies towards the Palestinian case, urging the UN Security Council and the Quartet committee to bear all responsibilities for halting the subsequent massacres and provide an international protection for the unarmed citizens.

Will Barack Obama agree to no fly zone over Gaza? No, not with a military already stretched way too thin and an election just a year and a half away. The real question is will Obama allow this call for action over Gaza back him into a corner where he agrees to a resolution condemning Israel for defending herself against 300+ rocket/mortar attacks in a little over three weeks. Judging by the fact that Obama has already shown that he will attack Israel to cozy up with the Arab League, a Security Council condemnation of Israel is possible.

Be warned though, in a second term where he no longer had to face an electorate, President Obama may have no problem with a no fly zone over Gaza or worse. Don’t forget, the “Obama Doctrine” is the work of adviser Samantha Power who once called for an invasion of Israel to force a peace plan down the throat of the Jewish state.

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