Sometimes when I park in a giant lot, by a train station or when I go to a stadium for a ball game or concert I forget where I put my car. Apparently the Nazi Army forgot where they parked the above tank (in some guys basement). Maybe it wasn’t forgotten after all the now 78-year old man who had the tank used to during a snow storm years ago.

Despite the fact that its weapons’ systems were disabled the tank was confiscated by authorities, perhaps because along with the tank, the guy had a torpedo and an anti-Aircraft gun.  Damn! This guy must have been great playing Risk.

According to Newser:

It took 20 soldiers almost nine hours to remove a World War II “Panther” tank from a pensioner’s cellar in a wealthy community in northern Germany—and that’s in spite of the fact that the German army sent in modern recovery tanks to help confiscate the vintage 1943 vehicle, reports the BBC.

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Prosecutors in the coastal region of Kiel, tipped off by Berlin prosecutors who’d recently searched the 78-year-old man’s villa for stolen Nazi art, aren’t divulging much yet, but a police rep did say that a torpedo and anti-aircraft gun had been removed and other weaponry had been found as well, reports the Local. Alexander Orth—mayor of the town of Heikendorf, where the man lives—wasn’t surprised by the discovery because the elderly man “was chugging around in that thing during the snow catastrophe in 1978,” adding that “some people like steam trains, others like tanks.”

True but the neighbors wanted the tank to stay of their lawn!

And because the tank can no longer fire weapons, the pensioner’s lawyer tells the German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung, via the Local, that the man hasn’t actually broken any laws. Prosecutors, meanwhile, are investigating whether possession of the tank, torpedo, anti-aircraft gun, and other weapons violates Germany’s War Weapons Control Act. Orth, meanwhile, did concede: “I took this to be the eccentricity of an old man, but it looks like there’s more to it than that.”

 Even worse the tank got crappy mileage and the global warming nuts in the EU complained.