TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk found himself the target of domestic terrorists in Antifa while giving a speech at UC Davis on Tuesday night. During their assault, the liberal terrorists smashed windows in an apparent effort to shut the event down.

Their assault was captured on video and posted to Twitter:

Other videos showed the terrorists at work outside the venue, where they swarmed an elderly gentleman and a Hispanic man and spray-painted graffiti:

A day before Kirk was set to speak, liberal terrorists vandalized outdoor artwork on the campus:

Here is a video of Kirk’s speech:

Good questions. More to the point, how high must the body count get before action is taken against these terrorists?

Again, this is a very good question. This is allowed to continue because liberals in power have turned a blind eye to it.

Indeed they were. This means the only difference between them and these terrorists is… wait for it… native language.

This, by the way, IS the modern left. That which they cannot control, they seek to destroy, or perhaps, even kill.

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