In the north-west corner of the U.S., Antifa-led violence that started last summer is still happening. Especially in Portland, Oregon, where the domestic terrorist group continues to target municipal buildings, courthouses, police stations, and more. Two weeks ago, a group tied to Antifa tried to burn down the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse  The latest violence happened Sunday in Salem, Oregon, the State capital.   Antifa terrorists Salem Oregon

What started out as a drive-through “freedom rally” advertised as an event to honor those who “fought for our freedoms” became violent when Antifa decide to attack. Per the Salem Police

The first event billed as the Freedom Rally appeared on social media streams in February. A second event appeared soon after, named Fascist Free 503, indicating a counter response to the Freedom Rally. Social media posts connected to the group indicated their intention to prevent the Freedom Rally caravan from meeting at the state capitol.

Shortly before noon, approximately 100 individuals wearing black clothing and ballistic vests and carrying firearms, bats, skateboards, umbrellas, shields and gas masks arrived on the capitol mall grounds. Some individuals from the group carried Youth Liberation Front flags, a group known to espouse leftwing ideologies. The group congregated along Court Street in front of the capitol building.

The situation soon turned violent as Antifa attacked conservatives in the streets.

Salem Police arrested at least three people and urged others to stay away from Oregon’s State Capitol building Sunday evening as violence linked to Antifa-aligned protesters broke out.

The “heavily armed” crowd had grown to as many as 200 people, Fox 12 Portland reported. The chaos unfolded as a planned right-wing protest, and Antifa counter-protest were scheduled in Salem for the same day.

Police received reports of vehicles driving past the Capitol being struck with balloons filled with paint as well as green lasers being pointed at drivers.

Images from the scene were soon public as Andy Ngo, who is usually providing the best reporting on Antifa, was there.

You ever noticed how the Antifa terrorists are always covering their faces with masks? Is it that they are cowards who don’t really believe in what they are doing, or are they fugly?

Sadly, the Democrats who run blue states like Oregon and the federal government refuse to acknowledge that Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. In fact, most don’t believe Antifa is an organization at all. Until those in power have the courage to admit the truth about Antifa, those terrorists will continue to commit violent attacks in liberal cities and states.

Antifa terrorists Salem Oregon