Most of us living near or in the little protective cocoons of Jewish neighborhoods in America have rarely, if ever, felt the effects of Anti-Semitism. Oh we hear about it, we see some insensitive or downright Anti-Semites on TV, Jimmy Carter’s too many Jews on the Holocaust board, or Bill Reilly’s go back to Israel, or even the news networks continued use of Holocaust denier Pat Buchanan as a political commentator, beyond that, thankfully, there is little to remind us that all across the world Jew hatred is simmering and building like a magma chamber under a volcano. This chamber of rancid hatred of Jewish people is getting ready to burst and spew a cloud of death all across the world.

There are the obvious incidents beatings, swastikas, Chanukiahs destroyed and cemeteries defiled. And for those who think its mostly in the Arab world, You are wrong ! Below are the ten most significant Anti-Semitic incidents of 2006 according to Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism:

United States – Six shot, one killed at Seattle Jewish Federation France – The Murder of a Jew in Paris Russia- Eleven Stabbed in Moscow Synagogue Rampage Norway – Shots Fired at the Synagogue in Oslo Iran – Iran’s Holocaust cartoon exhibition Iran – Iran Hosts Holocaust Deniers at Tehran Conference Britain – Jewish girl beaten on London bus Belgium – Attack on a Jews Family on a Train to Antwerp France – Attack on a Jewish Youth in Annecy Austria– Release of Holocaust Denier David Irving from Prison

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This list only talks about single incidents, so if you are looking for the “state sponsored” hatred built into the education and news environments such as you find in Saudi Arabia and Egypt…they wouldn’t show here, but it is interesting to note that all but two of these are outside of the the Arab World.

Even in the United States, Anti-Semitism is growing everyday. The Daily Kos is the number one blog of the Democratic Party, more than a blog, it’s a combination aggregator, bulletin board and is a big part of the on line voice of the party that now controls congress. Little Green Footballs ran as series called Protocols of the Daily Kos. This series showed that virulent Jew hatred runs through the underpinnings of the Democratic Party. Among the ditties that LGF found on the Daily Kos were:

  • Israel owns America lock, stock and barrel. They dictate what the United States will do and when it will do it. Our politicians are only too happy to do whatever is asked of them, no matter what the cost is to the United States or its people.

This is only a selection of the series if you click here you can see the last 21 entries.

Anti-Semitism is in no way limited to the Democratic Party; my party the GOP has its share, Pat Buchanan, David Duke, and Jim Baker among them.

With all of the focus on Hatred of Jews since the Iranian conference a few week’s ago, you would think that the TV networks would be a little more sensitive to it. Yet these networks regularly have us Anti-Semites as commentators, like the previously mentioned Buchanan, or Al Sharpton who incited a program in Harlem that killed a Jewish store owner, or event they way they reverently cover Cindy Sheehan who blames the Jewish lobby for the death of her son.

Ten minutes on Campus Watch, will show you that in our universities across America our children are being taught about how awful the US and Israel are and that it is all the fault of the Jewish Lobby.
That doesn’t do that try to remember that in the past year professors from two of America’s most prestigious Universities, Harvard and University of Chicago, published a “scholarly” paper about the undue influence that the “Jewish lobby” has on US Foreign Policy. Yesterday was the International Holocaust Remembrance day. Despite the observance and the heightened awareness of Anti-Semitism, Hatred of Jews is growing everywhere, even in the freest nation on earth, the United States. The scary part as we see—it is becoming more acceptable–in our politics, on our TV networks, and in our institutions of higher learning. We must continue to write, to protest, and to contact network executives and sponsors, political and university donors and urge them to stop sweeping this growing hatred under the rug.