This morning The Blaze alerted us to the fact that iOS7 the new iPhone operating system doesn’t include Israel as the country where Jerusalem is located.  After seeing their  their report I checked my iPhone which uses the old system..and guess what– the old system has Jerusalem as a city without a country also.

The Blaze posted this screen shot of the time zone settings–Notice the one city not assigned to a country?

According to the report,  every other city appears with a home country
besides three exceptions. The other outliers besides Jerusalem are
Taipei the capital of Taiwan, which China wants,  and Vatican City,  which
is an independent country.

But it’s not anything new because if you look for a time zone on the old system (which I have on my phone) see picture below you get the same list which makes Israel a country without a capital.

I have called Apple 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753) and explained to them why I will not be why my next phone will not be an iPhone-I have no desire to support an anti-Israel enterprise. if you have the time give them a call.