Last week, anti-gun teen demagogue David Hogg posted a message on Twitter regarding illegal aliens that prompted quite a bit of criticism from a number of other Twitter users.  And not just because the word-salad he posted made very little to no sense.

“The only people that are illegal in America are those that collude with foreign governments and the only aliens are those who think guns are worth more than children’s lives,” he said.

The first half of his message was clearly a swipe at President Trump and the latter half of the tweet is no doubt a slam at those who support the Second Amendment. Apparently, Hogg thinks that those who support the right to keep and bear arms are “aliens.”

Naturally, Twitter users took him to task:



He is a leftist, so…

This isn’t the first silly thing that Hogg has tweeted since his existence first came to light, and chances are it won’t be the last.