Some politicians never learn!

During Colorado’s 2012-2013 General Assembly legislative session,
multiple restrictive gun control measures were passed and signed into
law. The legislation package (backed by the progressive Bloomberg-funded
group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)) took effect on July 1
and includes 15 round limits on magazines, expanded background checks,
firearm exchange regulation, and other new red tape implementation.

This attack on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, which hurts law-abiding gun owners but wont stop criminals was passed in many cases over the objections of the people in the legislator’s districts.  Arrogance drove their yes votes as they “knew better” than the people who elected them into office.

Voters in two of those districts launched a recall drive against their
State Senators (Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs and Sen.
Angela Giron, D-Pueblo).

These two State Senators attempted to use the same arrogance that drove the people to launch the petitions to try and quash them.  You see, those “simple folk” gathering the names didn’t use the correct “legalese” on the petition.

Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, on Tuesday failed in her effort to have the recall petition against her thrown out because it was improperly worded. Democratic Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs lost an identical argument last week. reported that Democratic lawyer Mark Grueskin filed a lawsuit Tuesday appealing the Morse decision, arguing that the petition should be thrown out because it failed to include language informing signers that a recall election would be held to appoint a successor.

“A petition form must inform unsophisticated as well as sophisticated voters who are considering whether or not to sign the petition,” Grueskin argued in his appeal. An appeal from Giron supporters was imminent.

The claim is that the people who put these two into office are idiots. When they signed the petition to boot them out of office, the petition didn’t mention that their would be an election to replace them.

Did they think voters assumed the two arrogant senators would be replaced by new ones “beamed up” from planet Xansabar?   Perhaps they thought that God would send two new senators from on high? Or Obama would sent them from DC?

Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert said in both decisions that recall elections are “a fundamental right” and that the petition questions were enough to meet the legal threshold for valid recalls.

Unless a judge steps in, the senators would face recall elections between early August and early September — the first legislative recalls in Colorado history. Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper must set the date.

The special election must be held within 60 days of Hickenlooper receiving certification paperwork on the recall petitions from the secretary of state, which was submitted Monday, according to The Denver Post.

The response of these two “public officials” scream for term limits.  They have arrogantly forgotten that they are in office to server the people and should be sent home to learn some humility.

UPDATE: A reader informed me that Colorado has term limits but sadly they also have asshats representing them.