The Conference of Presidents of Major American  Jewish Organizations claims it is fighting for Israel:

For half a century, the Conference of Presidents has played a key role in American and world Jewish history. From mass public events to private diplomacy, the Conference has been in the forefront of mobilizing support for Israel and educating the public in times of war and conflict, and in the pursuit of peace. 

They have a funny way of mobilizing support for Israel. They do it by supporting the most anti-Israel administration in the modern history of the Jewish State. Since it is election season, and their favorite progressive is running for reelection the congress will do whatever it can to mislead Israel supporters into believing that Barack Obama is a friend of Israel.

Their latest attempt took place Wednesday night:

The Obama administration may not be getting a whole lot of love from the pro-Israel community these days, but tonight, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations is giving their annual National Service Award to U.N. Representative Susan Rice.

Gee I wonder just why they honored the UN Ambassador could it be for her veto of an anti-Israel security council resolution which was immediately followed by a speech condemning Israel?

“While we agree with our fellow Council members and indeed with the wider world about the folly and the illegitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity, we think it unwise for this Council to attempt to resolve the core issues that divide Israelis and Palestinians,” Ambassador Rice said. “We therefore, regrettably, have opposed this draft resolution.”

Translation “We should have voted for this but we wanted to be all things to all people so we decided to veto the resolution while ripping Israel at the same time.”

Notice there was no mention of terrorism or non-negotiated change of status.  Nor was their any mention of the fact that the Palestinians refusal to negotiate.

That vote/speech was indicative of the Obama Administration’s Israel policy, on one hand making the right public move by vetoing an unfair UN resolution, then following up by letting loose with an unfair tirade of its own.

And the honoring of Susan Rice was indicative of the leaders of Jewish Organizations such as the ADL, AJCongress, AJComittee and the Conference of Presidents, supporting a progressive anti-Israel President is more important than supporting Israel.

If you support Israel please do not donate to the Conference of Presidents or other groups who put their progressive political dreams before Israel.