A new poll released Wednesday morning reveals that support for the Iran deal is sinking the longer the debate continues. It’s even sinking among Democrats The Israel Project (TIP) commissioned Olive Tree Strategies to run the poll. The results were derived from a national online survey. interviews of 2,300 registered voters, conducted September 2-5, 2015 . TThe respondents were recruited by Survey Sampling International from its larger probability-based national panel. Responses were weighted by census division, gender, age, education, income, race, and 2012 President Obama support.

TIP and Olive trees has been running the same poll with consistent question language testing opinions toward the nuclear deal with Iran from the start of final stage negotiations in Vienna so it has been able to track public reaction to the deal from nearly the beginning. Over all there has been a steady trend of growing opposition to the deal.

Major findings of the survey show:

  • President Obama’s lowest job rating comes on the nuclear negotiations with Iran. (Slide 5) In December of 2014 only 40% of voters disapproved of the President’s performance on this issue, today the number has grown to 58% of the electorate disapproving. This is his worst rating across nine different issue areas, and significantly higher than his 53% disapproval overall.
  • Voters are opposed to the nuclear deal with Iran. (Slide 14) By a margin of -13 voters disapprove of the nuclear deal with Iran (36% Approve / 49% Disapprove), a complete reversal from the beginning of the talks in Vienna when there was mild approval of +13. The change in opinion has been steady, and implies that the more voters hear about and learn about the deal the less they like it.
  • Disapproval of the deal has grown significantly among all political groups and genders. (Slide 15) GOP women have grown the most but the opposition of Democratic Party men and women have also grown significantly.


  • The majority of Americans do not believe Obama’s propaganda that the only option to his P5+1 deal is war.(Slide 17) Both Independents and Republicans do not believe Obama’s claim.
  • Nobody wants a filibuster (Slide 19). By large margins Democrats, Republicans, independents, supporters of the deal, those who opposed the deal—everybody, rejects the idea of preventing a senate vote on the deal via a filibuster.
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There’s a lot more to the poll in the presentation below, the bottom line is that Democrats in the house and senate are looking to support a deal despite the fact that vast majority of Americans object to the deal and the number of Americans who object to it are growing daily.

US national survey on Iran–CHARTS from The Israel Project