According to [score]Hillary Clinton[/score] she was asked to turn over her emails in October 2014. However according to documents released by Judicial Watch today, the agency asked Clinton to return emails three months earlier in July 2014. Which means another Hillary lie has been exposed.

And there’s more .

These documents were part of a 189 pages of Clinton records, turned over the Judicial Watch based on their FOIA lawsuit Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)) designed to get all of Ms. Clinton’s correspondence and records about her email practices.

One email from Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s former counselor and chief of staff, to David E. Wade, then-chief of staff toJohn Kerry, shows that the State Department asked for the Clinton emails in July 2014. And she followed up a month later

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Judicial Watch filed this new email with U.S. District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan, who is now considering whether to grant discovery in a lawsuit seeking information on the “special government employee” status of Abedin.  The court specifically asked the State Department about how and when it requested that Mrs. Clinton return records.  In today’s filing, Judicial Watch states:

This [Mills] email indisputably shows that the State Department first asked Mrs. Clinton to return records as late as July 2014, not November 2014 as the State Department would have this Court and [Judicial Watch] believe.

During Ms. Clinton’s first news conference on the emails at the United Nations (and documents released at the time), She said that after she received a request for the emails in October she turned over the emails as soon as possible (in Nov.). The truth is it took least five months for her to respond to the request and she only turned over about half the emails. .

Another email, from the day the Clinton email story broke in the New York Times, details how a top State Department official tried to calm down the concerns of National Archivist Paul Wester email issue.  In the email Margaret Grafeld, deputy assistant secretary of global information systems, is filling in others in the department about her call.

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Two more emails proved that Ms. Clinton and her associates knew her emails contained secret information.  You may remember that paper and electronic versions of Hillary’s emails were stored at the offices of her attorney.

A July 2015 email suggests the State Department provided Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers with a “two drawer safe” in which to store classified emails from the Clinton email server.  Additionally it related that a report was to be prepared regarding security issues with the Clinton emails, which included a security inspection made of the Clinton lawyers’ offices.  Another email in that chain stated:

Please ask the appropriate DS subject matter experts to contact [Clinton lawyer Kathleen] Turner to arrange for appointment to do a thorough security review to include physical security of area/safe in which document/electronic versions are being kept, who has access to the area/safe, do those Individuals have appropriate clearances, when the electronic version is uploaded on a computer is, it a stand-alone computer, when the disk/thumb drive is removed is any residual information deleted from the computer and any other appropriate questions. This review/inspection needs to be carried out as soon as possible.

An email dated December 2, 2014, showed that the Select Committee on Benghazi was still unaware of the extent Hillary Clinton used her email server for state department business.  And while Clinton returned some of the emails to the State Department on December 5 of that year, the Select Committee wasn’t told they had been turned over until March 2015.  Amazingly a  December 29, 2014, letter from Clinton’s attorney David Kendall responding to the Select Committee’s December 2 request for documents simply tells them to check with the State Department, with no mention that they were turned over.

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“The State Department and Mrs. Clinton have been misleading the American people, the Congress, and the courts about when the State Department asked her for the government emails she took with her when she left State,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.  “The new emails show that Hillary Clinton was specifically and separately asked for her government emails months earlier than when the State Department has told the courts and when Clinton told the American people.  These new documents ought to be of keen interest to the FBI and federal prosecutors investigating Hillary Clinton and her colleagues in the Obama administration.  Were the White House and John Kerry in on this deception?”

I think its time to add perjury to all of the other crimes for which Hillary Clinton is being investigated.