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Earlier this week we learned about “Ellie Light” More than 40 different Letters to the Editor have turned up in newspapers across the country all, written by someone named Ellie Light, each one defends Barack Obama. Each Ellie Light letter claims to live within the circulation area of each newspaper. The letters are nearly identical in grammar, tone, and gist. The letters also contain the following closing statement: “…and a president can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything.” That may be true, but the President’s political adviser David Axlerod can wave a magic wand and send letters to a few dozen newspapers all under the same name, after all he is the master of Astroturf.

It appears that Ellie Light has a good buddy, Mark Spivey. Mark writes about Obama’s delay in deciding a strategy in Afganistan. Like Ellie, has written dozens of letters that appeared in newspapers. His letters are nearly identical in grammar, tone, and substance. Spivey’s sign-off is generally Soldiers are human beings, not chess pieces. It’s about time we have a president who understands that.

Here is a sample Mark Spivey letter:

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A recent Associated Press article stated that President Barack Obama’s hesitancy on an Afghan war buildup implies weakness. I wish world leaders had more of that kind of weakness.

Clearly, Obama does not want to send soldiers into harm’s way without a clear goal, a solid plan and an exit strategy, three aspects sorely missing from President George W. Bush’s military ventures. I know that we Americans are used to presidents who play cowboy, who say things like “Bring ‘em on” and “Mission accomplished” without a second thought, presidents who send Americans into battle on falsified weapons reports. But it seems like our current president understands that you don’t send soldiers into battle without first nailing down what we’re supposed to be doing and why. So hats off to Obama’s “hesitation.”
Soldiers are human beings, not chess pieces. It’s about time we have a president who understands that.

 That same or very similar letter was written by Mark Spivey in

And many many more places.

When you cross Ellie Light with Mark Spivey, you understand how low “the most transparent presidency in history” will go to fool the American Public.

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