Every crime drama has a scene like this. The hero cop goes to a meeting with an informant in an old warehouse, the whole time he is driving over there, you are screaming at your TV set “ITS A TRAP Dammit, A TRAP.” Of course when you return from commercial break the hero opens the door and finds himself surrounded by “bad guys.”

As Israel find herself inching closer to the Annapolis conference, I find myself screaming at my TV set ITS A TRAP Dammit, A TRAP.” When everyone shows up in Maryland Israel will be surrounded by enemies who want her destroyed, by a secretary of state trying to create a legacy for herself by breaking the back of the Israeli people and a president who is powerless to stop her.

Look at the players. The Palestinian Arabs refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish Homeland, just today top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat rejected Israel’s demand that the Palestinians acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, that should be the warning to Israel but the government is blind. Condi changes to agenda to bring Syria, another of Israels enemies into the fold to create another negotiating “front, Olmert still can’t see what is happening.

Condi Rice joins with the Arabs to demand that Israel divide her holy city and give up the Torah mount and the Kotel. And Olmert is sill cheerfully walking toward slaughter.
Dry Bones cartoon: the fight against surrendering Jerusalem means fighting against the Olmert government's appeasement plans.
There is hope, the Dry Bones above also announces a world wide initiate by major Jewish organizations and some to stop the division of Jerusalem and the sacrifice of our holy sites. Please go to the Dry Bones site and learn more.

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