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“He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends” Oscar Wilde

I have always been a big supporter of Ann Coulter, when much of the Jewish world was calling for her head because of insensitive statement, I was one of the first and few to support her. When she took on the ADL, I agreed with her. Last night, however, I jumped off the Ann Coulter band-wagon. In fact I want to buy her a one-way ticket the the UCLA Medical center where she can share a padded room with Britney Spears and wear one of those white coats with long sleeves that tie behind her back. And while I am at it lets buy a ticket for Rush also.

In an interview Sean Hannity and his Dim-witted partner, Coulter went as far as to pledge on “Hannity & Colmes” that she’d campaign for Hillary Clinton if she were the Democratic nominee and Sen. McCain her GOP opponent. I am no huge fan of McCain or Romney, but did someone spike the Kool-Aid at Fox Studios? What is it with my fellow conservatives?

Do you really see such a big difference between Romney and McCain that you would prefer to have HILLARY CLINTON as Commander-in- Chief ? Madame “Suspension of Disbelief” Remember that? The woman who has had at least 10 different positions on the war on terror I’d talk to Iran Hillary Clinton’s New Flip Flops. Remember Hillary Care ? Not only a giant burden to your pockets, but it will water down YOUR health coverage. Come on folks…we are over reacting here. Support Romney if you wish but if McCain wins, rally behind the party’s candidate. Supporting Hillary Clinton would be a real disaster to the US.

I have always felt Ann Coulter was at the top of the intelligence food chain, but if she campaigns for Hilary Clinton, well lets just say if she was any dumber we would have to water her twice a week.

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