‘I thought I was a self-hating Jew, but it turns out I’m just a plain old anti-Semite.” –KRUSTY THE CLOWN, AFTER DISCOVERING THAT HE HASN’T HAD A BAR MITZVAH, ON THE SIMPSONS

Before I get to the Awards I would like to thank everyone who nominated commented voted and/or debated either via the comments or through private email.

The Purpose of this little challenge was twofold first because of a friend’s suggestion who asked “why didn’t anyone every blog about these “self-hating” Jews?” Secondly was to recognize all of the great writing out there in the blogisphere. This was a great opportinity to showcase the wide breadth of work.

One more thing. My friend Bruce created one “trophy” for each category…but I can’t find them. All I have is his generic design, a person on a podium with their head up their butt. I have asked Bruce to re-send and I will put up each of the individual “trophys” when he does.

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And now what you all have been waiting for…the winners of the 2007 Most Self Hating Jews Are….

MOST SELF-HATING JEW: Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres and the his Coalition Government. A Controversial Choice as many people said that it was ridiculous to call Olmert and his government…self hating–in fact two people nominated me BECAUSE Olmert and his gang of idiots were nominated. Although Mr. Combover was not my first choice..I cannot disagree with the result. Olmert received 32% of the vote, second was the now out of work Norman Finkelstein with 14%. For the reasons why people voted for Olmert click Here and there Who Else But Peres?!

Not Self Hating Just Stupid: A landslide, and another good choice Alan Colmes of Fox News the man with a face for radio with 50%. Second Place, Abe Foxman the man who turned the ADL into his own personal liberal tool (15%) To understand why Colmes is a winner read Alan Colmes Read My Lips-You are an idiot/ Steve Emerson vs Alan Colmes Last night

Self Hating Ex Jew: Daniel Sharon, arrested in Lebanon for espionage earlier this year but he converted to Islam years before to protest Israel’s policies. See Official insists Israeli arrested in Beirut wasn’t working for gov’t and In his own words: interviews with Daniel SharonSharon beat out my personal choice Bob Novak by one vote (Maybe I should have voted twice).

And finally the Self Hating Media Award: The New York Times The New York Times As Publisher and Chairman of the NY Times “Punch”Sulzberger has kept up a proud family self-hating tradition. (by the way doesn’t he look a little like Al Franken?)

In the 40s the NY Times buried the reports of a Holocaust in Europe in the back pages, today it doesn’t miss an opportunity to lie about Israel. Punch you do your heritage Proud see NY TIMES LIFETIME ACHIEVMENT AWARD

Ladies and Gentleman…there you have it ….let’s hear it for 2007’s Most Self Hating Jews