I am sure that Amnesty International must have started out as a noble cause, after all who could argue with protecting human rights. Well apparently amnesty international can. You see, their motto is Human Rights For Everyone Except for the Jews.

Its really easy to follow…just a few rules:
1) Firing rockets into civilian areas is BAD, Unless they are fired into Jewish civilians then its to be ignored. There is also the reciprocal rule, if the Jews retaliate its called a Human Rights violation.

2) Positioning your weapons in civilian areas so you can use them as human shields is BAD, unless you are using those weapons against the Jews. Then it is OK according to Amnisty reports.

Amnesty has a long track record of violating its “independence” when it comes to its reports of human rights violations by Israel and the lack of violations by the terrorists. Many of those incidents are reported here.

Their latest is especially heinous as they use the old bait and switch, use Passover as a way to attack Israel, as the folks from NGO Monitor report:

Amnesty USA Exploits Passover, Ignores Kidnapped Israelis

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Amnesty International USA posted what it termed a “Passover Action for Human Rights” that entirely ignored the central human rights concerns of Israelis and Jews. There was no mention of the Israeli soldiers that were kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah during the past year. Amnesty was also silent on the fact that, in violation of all humanitarian norms, their captors have refused to allow Red Cross visits or provided any information on their condition, or whether they are alive. Instead, Amnesty USA’s so-called “Passover action” urged members to campaign on behalf of two opposition figures held in prison by China and Belarus. And the headline cause promoted in this effort focused on Tove Johannsson, a Swedish pro-Palestinian activist in the radical International Solidarity Movement, injured in a scuffle in Hebron in November 2006. (The circumstances of her injury and the role of ISM in provoking the violence are disputed.) Amnesty repeated the claims made by biased political groups such as Electronic Intifada and ISM blaming “Israeli settlers”, and urged members to write letters on her behalf. Ms. Johannsson has fully recovered and returned home, in contrast to the Israeli soldiers that are held captive, and the victims of Palestinian and Hezbollah terror. Amnesty USA also ignored key security factors in its March 2007 report entitled “Right to family life denied.” Despite Amnesty’s claim that it “knows of no case in which a woman within this category [Jordanian women of Palestinian origin who are married to Palestinian men] has been responsible for or involved in any important security incident,” no definition is given for “important” and the context that 38 out of 272 suicide attacks conducted in Israel were by Palestinians holding Israeli identity cards, is erased. In contrast, and in accordance with its mandate to promote universal human rights, Amnesty International published a report entitled “Egypt: Planned anti-terror law could intensify abuses.” This report addresses Egypt’s “long and well-publicized record of … serious human rights violations” and the possible effect of them of new legislation to combat terrorism.” See also: “Many rights, some wrong: The world’s biggest human-rights organization stretches its brand” The Economist print edition, March 22, 2007.

“[A]n organization which devotes more pages in its annual report to human-rights abuses in Britain and America than those in Belarus and Saudi Arabia cannot expect to escape doubters’ scrutiny.”


Durban Conference 2009
On November 22, 2006, the UN General Assembly (“GA”) adopted a resolution to convene a 2009 follow-up to the World Conference Against Racism. The NGO Forum of the 2001 conference (“Durban Conference”) was used to promote virulent anti-Israel demonization. The follow-up event will yet again take place in Durban. The 2009 conference is intended to focus on implementation of the 2001 resolution, which provided the blue print for the NGO “Durban Strategy.” Over the next two years, NGO Monitor will follow NGO involvement with the 2009 Conference and will provide periodic updates on this activity.

Got a vicious comment on this post which said in part:

Everyone knows you have to be a Jew by race or in very extreme cases by marriage to be Jewish. Then there are different “classes” of Jews under Israeli/Nazi Law. It’s amazing how those who “despise” Hitler the most are the ones so close to his ilk.

THE COWARD did not leave his name or E-mal but did leave his IP address Which I thought I would share

bresnan.net ? (Network)
69.144.1.# (Bresnan Communications, LLC.)
Bresnan Communications, LLC.
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Montana
City : Lolo
Lat/Long : 46.7326, -114.3599 (Map)

Excuse me Mr. Montana but don’t you have ANY guts. Or do you just like to write cowardly Diatribes.