My Friend Pamela has been all over this story since last New Years when Amina and Sara Said were murdered by their father. America Most wanted ran the story of the murder but it was a total whitewash. Shame On them!


Close to a year after Amina and Sarah’s death, America’s Most Wanted did a segment on the story and rewrote history. The deliberate silence of media, law enforcement, culture and the families, this disconnect in the West, endangers our ability to fight the global jihad and jeopardizes the lives of those who wish to escape the shackles of the oppression of women in Islam. I haven’t seen it yet but here is their Aunt Gail’s reaction. I am vomiting. I am livid! My heart is broken for poor Amina! They portrayed her as a killer and even used a knife as an assumed weapon of choice. How dare they! Then, to show these girls plotting against a man who they feared more than a rattlesnake! How preposterous! In this airing, the producer and John Walsh made the victims seem deserving of what Yasser did to them. Now, I see them as victims of a show intended to bring justice! You know, the facts were all wrong. Why? I know that I have spoken to this producer for months now! So has Joyce Boucher as well! Let me do a reality check! Here are the facts they misrepresented: My niece is not Arabic nor, is she Hispanic looking! She is pale skinned and blue eyed! They represented this as an Arabic family with a dictator father and husband. Another fact totally avoided…ISLAM, the brother and son of the parents from hell. The very one who promises to kill me? Where was Yasser’s and Tissy’s beloved son who spied on these girls and bullied his mother? To me, this was an intentional omission! To have added a character as radical as Islam, this might have given Cair, the wrong impression! God forbid! Another, Amina DID NOT come home on her own! no way as she told Connie that she would rather be dead than ever go back home. She meant that too! Amina was co-hearsed by my own niece to go back. This, after hours of calling Amina and telling her to come home. Tissy went as far as to put Yasser on the phone but, Amina knew death was awaiting her if she returned. When Amina did return, she and Sarah were taken into Yasser’s cab and she did not go into that kitchen and rummage through the frig. Give me a break! One of the biggest misrepresentation of the facts, Amina was in the front seat and Sarah was in the back seat. Amina, was sitting facing Yasser as a friend saw them and said so. If you simply listen to the 9-1-1 phone call from the cabbie who found them, he says there are two women, one in the front seat and one in the backseat! He describes what he sees in this call as he was asked too. He saw a woman in the front seat, “I have not seen her hand move, there is blood coming from her ear and she is slumped over.” THESE ARE EYEWITNESS FACTS! Yasser, also knew exactly where to park that cab! It could not be seen by the cameras which are on the Omni Mandalay. No mention of this premeditated fact! I could go on and on about how they misrepresented the facts and truth about this tragic HONOR KILLING of my sisters granddaughters. Where was the part of Sarah’s call where she says,” no, not again, (door opens) I’m dying, my blood baba…no, stop it!” These were Sarah’s own words to her father. She is telling him, LOOK, see my blood! I’m dying, you do not need to do more to me! But, to no avail, he finishes her off as she is on the cell phone with the police who placed her on hold! How dare they! I guess they did not want everyone to hear the officer ask Sarah for the address and to hold on as he called the fire department for paramedics. Oh yeah, let’s not offend the police and certainly not the radical Muslims!! Talk about political correctness…what a joke.
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