Objections the the Hagel nomination continue to build. The latest comes from the group called
Americans For A Strong Defense, they have launched a multi-state campaign urging residents to call their Senator to oppose the nomination of Chuck Hagel to Sec. of Defense. 

While Americans for a Strong Defense lauds Senator Hagel’s service to our nation, we will make the case to voters and elected officials that Hagel’s record is far out of the mainstream and his confirmation as Secretary of Defense would send a dangerous message to our adversaries and weaken our ability to defend ourselves.

The advertisements will air on broadcast and cable networks in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and North Carolina.

Below is the script for the advertisements each state’s version is tailored to the Senator who should be contacted (the Senator Pryor version is embedded below).

ANNOUNCER: We live in a dangerous world.  Iran.
REPORTER: Brand new threats from Iran aimed squarely at the United States.
ANNOUNCER: North Korea.
REPORTER: North Korea launched a long-range missile.
REPORTER: That could target the United States.
ANNOUNCER: Even Russia.
REPORTER: Russia says that its test fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile.
ANNOUNCER: But Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense wants America to back down.  An end to our nuclear program.  Devastating defense cuts.  A weaker country.  Call [Senator/s] and tell [him/her/them] to say no to Chuck Hagel – before it’s too late.