Rasmussen’s Latest survey on American attitudes toward Global Warming shows that we aren’t drinking the Al Gore Kool-aid. Not only does the typical voter feel that the press is exaggerating the global warming story but they think that the actions proposed by the government to fight global warming will end up hurting the country:

1* Which of the following is most likely to occur to the planet Earth … a period of dangerous global warming, a dangerous ice age or something in between?

29% Period of dangerous global warming
5% Dangerous ice age
52% Somewhere in between
14% Not sure

This question shows that the overwhelming portion (71%) of American do not believe that we are heading toward the Al Gore, ”
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, Rivers and seas boiling, Forty years of darkness, Earthquakes, volcanoes, dead rising from the grave human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria” type of global warming. Still “This is a “when did you stop beating your wife?'” biased type of question. A better first question would have been “do you believe we are heading toward a period of rapid climate change?” I would be interested to know if the question was asked and if it was a screening question and these answers represent people who believe that there will be rapid climate change. Either way, based on the question, it is likely that the 71% is probably a low number.

2* Some people say we must take immediate action to stop global warming. Others say we should wait a few years to see if global warming is real before making major changes. What do you think?

41% Take immediate action
41% Wait a few years
18% Not sure

3* Does the media make global warming appear to be worse than it really is, better than it really is or do they present an accurate picture? 

54% Worse
13% Better
21% They present an accurate picture
12% Not sure

Bad news for the Media 79% don’t think that the media is presenting an accurate picture. More than half think that they are making it look worse than it really is.

4* How likely is it that Global Warming will destroy human civilization within the next century?

5% Very likely
18% Somewhat likely
39% Not very likely
27% Not at all likely
11% Not sure

Two thirds of the US think that Global warming will not “destroy civilization in the next century. Maybe we should take those scientific resources and look for asteroids that can hit the earth.

5* If the government gets greater control over the economy to fight global warming, will that be good for the United States or bad for the United States? 

35% Good
45% Bad
20% Not sure

Like the old saying, to err is human, to really mess things up you need to get the government involved.