My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too.— Rodney Dangerfield

During the first three weeks of August, politics in this country has slipped from merely crazy to really ugly. And for the first time in this campaign much of the “ugliness” came from the Clinton side. It seems every day a new revelation comes to light, kind of like the drip-drip-drip of a leaky faucet. And every new revelation brings continued lies and denials from team Clinton.

Heck they’ve even revived Hillary’s classic “vast right wing conspiracy” line.

But to be honest, all of the ugliness hasn’t come from Hillary, we did have the Olympics but viewership was way down and it ended with a U.S. scandal.

Also there were the horrible floods in Louisiana, the ones Obama didn’t want to go to…so you see, there was too much ugly going on.

As they say pictures are worth 1,000 words therefore these 17 pictures (including the one above) are the equivalent of 17,000 words (too bad I don’t get paid by the word equivalent–or by the word–or at all).

Some of the pictures and all of the captions in the memes below were created by the sick mind of mine. In some cases the pictures were created from two different images fused together, others involved a bit of photoshop, some pulled from google, but all the words were mine.

Let’s start with the ugliness of the Olympic Games in Rio:

Sadly the Olympics ended with the Ryan Lochte scandal.  One of the problems is that every time the swimmer gets interviewed he changes his story:



The Olympics got relatively low ratings. Maybe because instead of watching the games, many people were glued to the news trying to figure out whether Hillary Clinton was being truthful:




 Hillary and her team started to get angry at all the accusations:




The problem was that very few people were buying Hillary’s excuses,  especially after she tried to throw Colin Powell under the bus:




Even the animals in the forest were beginning to distrust Hillary:




More than the email scandal, lately Hillary’s issues seemed to stem from the play for play racket between the Clinton Foundation, and the State Department.

Different people seemed to see the scandal differently. For example former President Bubba swore up and down:




However those who hadn’t consumed the Clinton Kool-Aid saw Clinton Foundation scandal this way:




Sadly, Hillary’s scandals are putting severe pressure on the marriages of the people who work for her. Some are even arguing about it:




The Foundation announced that, while he says nothing illegal happened when she was at Foggy Bottom, to erase any doubt former President Bubba Clinton was going to leave the Board of the Clinton Foundation if Hillary was elected.  

But as usual the MSM got the story wrong.  Apparently Bubba isn’t to sure of his wife’s presidential skills:




Really there is only one solution, and it has to come from the voters:




Donald Trump had a bit of trouble, the CEO of his campaign Paul Manafort was forced to quit because of a brewing scandal about previous dealings with the Russian pupped govt. that used to run Ukraine. At least thats what we thought:




One of the big themes of the election is ISIS and the war on terror. They are now trying to recruit Americans, and they are doing it by adapting American-style themes:




People don’t understand, there is one non-violent way to easily destroy ISIS but no one wants to talk about it:




Speaking of President Obama, he got criticism from all sides because as Louisiana was enduring a horrible flood he was very publicly enjoying his golf vacation.  He never even took a break to offer words of comfort from where he was vacationing:




But on Tuesday he finally visited the flood victims and found time to place blame for the deluge:




Let’s be fair,  Obama gets a bad rap, there are people in this country he really cares about:



See what I mean—it’s UUUUHGLY! We will be back in a few weeks with some more ugly memes.