America you have been very, very bad and President Obama is punishing you.  When you had a chance to contact your congressional representatives and ask them to trade the sequester budget with higher federal spending and more taxes for those evil rich people you refused. So now as chief nanny of this increasingly nanny-state, Barack Obama is going to make sure you  learn your lesson.

Since the beginning of the “Sequester” cuts on March 1st, the Obama
administration has been doing its best to punish the American people;
eliminating White House tours, closing small airports, releasing
criminal illegal immigrants  (oops I forgot I have been asked not to use that term) criminally trespassing aliens back onto the streets are just some of the
examples of the President purposely making cuts that will have the
biggest public effect on voters.  That way he can spend 2014 blaming the
GOP for the cuts.

Sequester related Furloughs for FAA employees began yesterday but the real effects wont be felt till today as weekday “business travel” begins.

The trade group Airlines for America, which represents the airlines and had predicted a big traffic snarl, says it will continue to monitor the situation.

Government budget cuts that kicked in last month are forcing the FAA and other agencies to cut their spending. FAA officials have said they have no choice but to furlough all 47,000 agency employees, including nearly 15,000 controllers.

Each employee will lose one day of work every other week. The FAA has said that planes will have to take off and land less frequently, so as not to overload the remaining controllers on duty.

Information from the FAA and others showed that flying Sunday was largely uneventful, with most flights on time. There were delays in parts of Florida, but those were caused by thunderstorms.

Mark Duell at the flight tracking website FlightAware said that John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in New York indicated delays due to lower staffing starting late Sunday evening.

JFK averaged 70-minute delays for inbound flights, but no detectable departure delays. LaGuardia averaged 74-minute delays for inbound flights, and departure delays of 37 minutes.

The FAA website said that flights from Philadelphia and Orlando, Fla., into John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia and Westchester County airports were delayed due to staffing issues.

The trade group Airlines for America, which represents the airlines and had predicted a big traffic snarl, said Sunday evening that it was “not seeing a significant impact at this point.”

A spokeswoman said the group would continue to monitor the situation, and urged flyers to stay in contact with their airlines.

Delays were also affecting travelers in Los Angeles. The FAA said late Sunday night that staffing cuts were causing delays averaging more than three hours for flights arriving at Los Angeles International Airport. The agency did not say how many flights were affected.

Airport spokesman Marshall Lowe said about 70 flights had delays of about an hour or more Sunday, but he could not say what role the staffing cuts played in the delays.

The FAA said that “relatively good weather” and light traffic, which is typical of Sundays, helped keep delays in check. The agency said it would be working with airlines “to minimize the delay impacts of lower staffing” as the busy summer travel season approaches.

Friday, airline trade groups and the country’s biggest pilots union sued the FAA to try to stop the furloughs. They predicted that the furloughs would delay or cancel flights for as many as one out of every three airline passengers across the country.

Silly trade groups, that’s what the administration wants to happen, its all part of the punishment of Americans.

As we have learned the Obama administration has found money for
continued investigations into Snail Sex, to give planes and aid to the Islamist regime in Egypt which hates America,  for the
President to travel around the country making “campaign-like
appearances” to sell his gun control, immigration  and higher tax
agendas , and of course to transport victims and families of the  Newtown, Conn. horror, to act as props while he scolds the congress for not passing his gun restriction legislation.

Actions such as the FAA furloughs are designed to pressure voters to complain to congress so this President gets his tax more-spend more, life-controlling agenda passed. So consider yourselves rebuked and punished.