The MSM has been pounding away at us for years about global warming. And when they are not pounding away at us, they are busily praising Al Gore for explaining global warming. But with all of the pressure, it seems that America isn’t buying the message. Only 25% of America views global warming as the world’s biggest environmental threat. This according to an ABC News Poll. Two Seconds after the poll was announced on ABC News Tonight, the folks at ABC tried to spin their way out of it:

Media’s Global Warming Obsession Doesn’t Phase America

Created 2008-08-11 16:52

In spite of the media’s near-constant nagging on global warming, only 25 percent of Americans view climate change as the world’s biggest environmental threat [1], according to a new ABC News poll [2]. Fewer than half – 47 percent – viewed global warming as “extremely” or “very” important to them. But those poll numbers gave way to more media spin in an ABC “World News Saturday” report August 9. “After years of debate over the reality of global warming, 80 percent of those polled now say they accept it as fact,” anchor Bill Weir reported. “Seventy-three percent say it is a threat to today’s children and 63 percent believe people and industry are to blame.Weir didn’t mention that while 80 percent of Americans believe global warming is occurring, they see much more nuanced debate over the causes and potential effects. While the media have tried to silence debate on global warming – as the Business & Media Institute showed in its report, “Global Warming Censored [3]” – the American people understand there is still no consensus. Sixty-three percent said there is “a lot of disagreement among scientists” on the causes of global warming. Only 33 percent of respondents said they think “things people do” are mostly responsible for climate change, down from 41 percent in April 2007. And even with the media ignoring the debate [4], 62 percent of Americans realize scientists disagree on how serious a threat climate change actually poses. The media tend to run to the government for fixes [5] to global warming problems, but Americans seem have more faith in markets. Forty-three percent said the government would do a better job reducing warming, while 45 percent said businesses are better equipped to address the problem through market-based competition.The poll results suggested the media have some work to do to build their own credibility. Only 38 percent of respondents said “most” or “all” of written and broadcast news is accurate.

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