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The Mainstream Media and the progressive politicians are still trying to de-legitimize the grass roots tea party movement, the latest research shows they might want to tone it down a bit because they are putting down the American people. By a wide margin, voters believe that the tea party is good for the country, at the same time by almost the same margin, Americans do not think that Obama is good for America.  That is they feel strongly that the President is NOT doing a good job. 

According to the latest Rasmussen numbers forty-six percent of U.S. voters believe the Tea Party movement is good for the country, 31% disagree and another 13% say it’s neither. That favorable rating goes across almost all demographics Gender, Age (30+), and all income breaks making over twenty thousand dollars a year. The only groups not supportive of the Tea Parties, were the youngest of voters, the most downscale, African Americans, and Democrats.

The other exception is the “political class”

Tea Party is definitely not a Political Class phenomenon, though. Not a single Political Class respondent in the survey said they’re a member of the Tea Party, but five percent (5%) confessed that they have close friends or relatives who are.

Certainly the tea party movement grew out of a reaction to President Obama’s policies. Rasmussen also shows that voters are unhappy with the direction of the country. In fact the percentage of people who are unhappy with the direction of the country (67%) is actually HIGHER than when Obama took office in January 2009 (63%).

Obama’s approval index (the difference between those who strongly approve of the way Obama is handling his job vs those who disapprove) remains in the minus territory. Today the number is at -14 and it has generally ranged from -14 though -20 since February.

The trends show that America is looking for a change, maybe even to a greater degree than in 2008. We will see for sure in November.

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