Racism, racist, racial bias,etc., are horrible labels to place on an individual or company. But when people use those words inappropriately, they water down their  meaning, destroying the power the words should have. The below is an example of an inappropriate use combined with a lazy analysis which was discovered by one of my Liberty Alliance colleagues, Joe Newby. 

Guest Post by Joe Newby

Forget peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Now, we’re supposed to believe there may be a racial component to Amazon’s new same-day shipping service for Prime members in certain areas of the country.

The Christian Science Monitor reported:

For many black consumers and especially those who have experienced discrimination in retail shops, Amazon presents a good option for shopping without being followed around or singled out.

Or is it?

A few years ago, the Seattle-based e-commerce company launched a same-day delivery service that allows some customers to receive their products on the same day, eliminating one of the advantages that retail stores held over Amazon. The service, which is now available in 27 US metro areas, covers about 1,000 cities across the country. It’s part of the Amazon Prime $99 annual membership, which includes two-day free shipping and other benefits such as Prime video and Prime music. The service can also include same-day free shipping for products over $35 in areas where it is available.

Here’s the kicker:

Bloomberg analysis of the same-day shipping services reveals a racial bias: Amazon’s same-day shipping service often excludes predominantly black neighborhoods in six major cities.

Say what?

Some companies have made delivery decisions based on the composition of neighborhoods, the Monitor said, but Amazon officials explained their decision is based, in part, on the concentration of Prime members, as well as the proximity of the area to Amazon’s warehouses.

In other words, they used common sense logistics to make their decision, not political correctness.

Apparently common sense is racist now as well.

God help us.

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