An 85-year-old Ben-Ami Kadish former US Army mechanical engineer was arrested yesterday on charges he slipped classified documents about nuclear weapons to an employee of the Israeli Consulate who also received information from convicted Pentagon spy Jonathan Pollard, US authorities announced. The “deed” was alleged to have happened almost 30 years ago.Maybe its me, but this whole thing smells rancid. If this guy was such a hotshot spy, why would the US wait almost 30 years, till the suspect was 85 and living in a retirement community in New Jersey, to arrest him?Folks I guarantee that this has more to do with Condoleezza Rice wanting to put more pressure on Israel than putting an 85-year old ” alter cocker” in Jail. This move was made to embarrass Israel and weaken her support in congress and with the American people. Condy is not happy that Israel refuses to comply with everything she wants, and this is her way of punishing the Jewish State and keeping its feet to the fire. The other thing it does is quiet the American Jewish Community a bit as it will bring up dual loyalty questions.

For the FBI/CIA it has a bonus effect. With the end of Bush’s second term there will be additional pressure to grant a presidential pardon to Jonathan Pollard, something the two organizations have been fighting for years. The two groups will now link the Pollard with Kadish and work to ensure that Pollard continues to rot in Jail longer than anyone else convicted of his crime.

The Case of Ben-Ami Kadish, an alter cocker living in a New Jersey retirement home has very little to do with spying and much to do with Politics. Its a shame that Condi and her Arabist State Department have sunk so low.