A new B’nai B’rith survey indicates that Israelis oppose the concessions planned by Prime Minister Olmert in the “core issues” negotiations with the Palestinians.

  • Two thirds of Israelis oppose a return to the 1967 borders.
  • 68 percent of Israelis feel that Jerusalem should should not be divided.
  • 68 percent, believe that the Israeli government must hold a referendum or new elections before finalizing a peace agreement with territorial concessions in the West Bank and Jerusalem
  • 56% say diaspora Jews shouldnt’t have a say on Jerusalem’s future.
  • 80% percent feel that there is insufficient oversight by those donating the money donated to Israel, and that most of the funds are being used to mount terror attacks against Israel.

With the exception of the diaspora issue on each of the issues above, a significant majority of the Israeli people DISAGREE with their governments position on negotiations with the terrorists. Maybe its time that Prime Minister listen to his people instead of taking orders from Condi Rice.

In More Jerusalem News–Today This Ad Ran in the JPost and Ha’aretz. The Copy reads as follows:

Dear President Bush,
Welcome to Jerusalem, The Eternal Capital of the Jewish People and the Stateof Israel!

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For 3000 years since King David’s reign, Jerusalem has been the spiritual and national heart of the Jewish People, the focus of our aspirations and prayers…

In 1948, after almost two millennia of brutal exile culminating in the Holocaust, the Jewish People regained sovereignty over our Homeland – yet at the same time our Holy City and Capital became a cruelly divided war zone, Jews once again driven out, synagogues destroyed…

In 1967, Jerusalem finally was reunited under Jewish sovereignty and, for the last 40 years the State of Israel has ensured that Jerusalem is a city in which people of all faiths coexist peacefully and enjoy freedom and access to worship in synagogues, churches and mosques…

Suddenly, the unity of Jerusalem is being spoken of as a political bargaining chip, ending coexistence and tolerance and inviting radicalization, terror, riots, holy war, a broken Jerusalem and a broken Jewish heart… Mr. President, in Israel’s democracy, Jerusalem is untouchable without the consent of the Knesset. 70 Members of the Knesset – a substantial majority – have signed a declaration that they will not vote to allow the redivision of Jerusalem, reflecting the views of the vast majority of the Israeli electorate and of Jews around the world for whom Israel must protect Jerusalem as a sacred trust…

Mr. President, you have been Israel’s great friend and that of Jews around the world. You know that no nation has sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice more in pursuit of peace, but Israel cannot sacrifice Jerusalem.

We ask you to stand with us now. There is no moral or political justification for rewriting history to deny Jewish heritage, no justification for redividingJerusalem, no justification for, God forbid, turning King David’s City of Peace once again into a devastated war zone…

Mr. President, welcome to Jerusalem, our Capital, reunited under Jewish sovereignty now and forever. May God bless you upon your arrival and departure from our Holy City and always.

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One Jerusalem
Coordinating Council on Jerusalem