You Can Tell who is losing when they start to break ranks a fight amongst each other. Today
for the first time since the beginning of the IDF military operation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas openly signaled its willingness to accept a cease-fire with Israel. Well Part of Hamas.This message from Hamas was issued by its prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, who has been in hiding since the beginning of the offensive.  Haniyeh said in a televised speech that Hamas would cooperate with any initiative to stop the offensive and reopen the border crossings into the Gaza Strip. We will deal positively with any initiative aimed at ending the offensive,” he said.

This goes totally against what the Hamas leadership hiding out in Syria said. On Saturday Khaled Meshaal called the Israeli attack “a holocaust” and said it had put an end to any chance of compromise. He said there would be no end to rocket attacks until Israel pulled out of Gaza.

According to sources that fight is carrying over to the negotiations in Egypt:

THE battered Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip is seeking an immediate ceasefire with Israel and is demanding that the organisation’s political leader in Damascus, Khaled Meshaal, make the necessary concessions, according to Israeli television reports. The Arab affairs analyst on Channel Two, Ehud Ya’ari, said last night the dispute amounted to a virtual split between the two Hamas centres of power.

Sharp differences emerged at a meeting in Cairo yesterday between two Hamas representatives from Gaza and a delegation from Mr Meshaal in Damascus. They had come to hear an Egyptian ceasefire proposal outlined by Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman.

Mr Suleiman said the agreement included the creation of a mechanism to prevent further smuggling of rockets and other armaments to the Gaza Strip in tunnels from Egypt, and a demand that Hamas hold political talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which it has been refusing to do. “The Gazans not only accepted it,” said Ya’ari, of the ceasefire proposal, “they demanded it.” However, the delegation from Damascus reiterated Mr Meshaal’s rejection of the conditions set out in the Egyptian plan.

…. “The Gazans will tell Meshaal to knock off his rhetoric and agree to an immediate ceasefire,” said Ya’ari, whose sources in Israel and the Arab world have made him one of Israel’s most credible commentators.

A similar report was given on Israeli television’s Channel One by the station’s Arab affairs reporter, Oded Granot. Israeli military intelligence chief Major General Amos Yadlin said earlier in the day that Hamas’s resilience in Gaza was beginning to give way after the shock of the fierce Israeli attack and the lack of support for Gaza from the rest of the world, including Arab leaders.

But he said Hamas was still capable of putting up a fight and would not “raise a white flag”.  Ya’ari, on the other hand, said Hamas in Gaza was eager to raise a white flag as quickly as possible by agreeing to accept the Egyptian ceasefire offer – without conditions, if necessary. (The Australian)

Wall all this infighting proves is that despite all of the naysayers, Israel IS winning this war in Gaza. For those skeptics who continue to say that Israel has backed herself into a corner…All We Are Saying…Is Give War a Chance