I thought last week’s homicide bombing using two women with Downs Syndrome was the al-Qaida low point. These putrid maggots that we are fighting against in the global war on terror may have topped it. These sick bastards are teaching TEN YEAR OLDS on how to be terrorists.

Don’t wait for the “Moderate” Muslims to object our “good friends” in Saudi Arabia are do busy making nice with the Iraqis and Just you wait, Clinton and Obama will call it disgusting today and call for negotiations with Iran tomorrow. There is no adequate punishment in this world for those al-Qaida Pigs.

U.S.: Al-Qaida training kids to kill on video

By Lauren Frayer –
Posted : Wednesday Feb 6, 2008 9:28:27 EST

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BAGHDAD — Videotapes seized during U.S. raids on suspected al-Qaida in Iraq hideouts show the terror group training young boys to kidnap and assassinate civilians, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Wednesday.Footage aired for reporters showed an apparent training operation with black-masked boys — some of whom appeared to be about 10 years old — storming a house and holding guns to the heads of mock residents. Another tape showed a young boy wearing a suicide vest and posing with automatic weapons.But U.S. and Iraqi officials said they could offer no estimate on how many children have fallen under the terror group’s control. They named just a handful of attacks blamed on women or children.The American military said some of the tapes were found in December during a U.S. raid in Khan Bani Saad, northeast of Baghdad, and said it indicated a pattern that al-Qaida in Iraq was increasingly using children for sinister means.“Al-Qaida in Iraq wants to poison the next generation of Iraqis,” Navy Rear Adm. Gregory Smith, a U.S. military spokesman, told reporters Wednesday inside the heavily guarded Green Zone. “It is offering children as the new generation of mujahedeen. We believe this video is used as propaganda to send out to recruit other boys … and to send a broader message across Iraq to indoctrinate youth into al-Qaida.”Other scenes from the Khan Bani Saad video showed masked boys forcing a man off his bicycle at gunpoint and stopping a car and kidnapping its driver along a dusty country road. At one point, the boys — wearing soccer jerseys with ammunition slung across their chests — sit in a circle on the floor, chanting slogans in support of al-Qaida.Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari told reporters that militants are kidnapping more and more Iraqi children, though he could not offer details or numbers.“This is not only to recruit them but also to demand ransom to fund the operations of al-Qaida,” al-Askari said.Meanwhile, the U.S. military said Wednesday that its troops, along with Iraqi forces, killed seven suspected insurgents and detained 34 others in five days of raids across Iraq.
Charles Johnson has a copy of the video on Little Green Footballs, you can find it by clicking here document.write(unescape(‘%3C%2Fform%3E’));