Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Internet, the Islamofacists are now offering each other aid through American Companies.

In a 30-minute video posted February 14, 2008 on the Islamist website Al-Hesbah, Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi, commander of the Al-Qaeda-founded organization Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), presents his position on “winning the war against the Jews.” In it, he calls Israel “a malignant germ that was implanted in the heart of the Islamic nation and must be eradicated,” and stresses that liberating Al-Aqsa mosque is a duty incumbent upon each and every Muslim. He also accuses Hamas of treason for entering into the political process with Israel while turning its back on jihad fighters around the world.

He also calls upon all Muslims to strengthen the existing jihad fronts – especially in Iraq and Afghanistan – and to establish new jihad fronts in order to take some of the Israeli-American pressure off the Palestinians. Finally, he offered the Palestinians economic aid as well as help in training fighters and in manufacturing rockets.

Housing this sick message is a company called NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida…for those of you who have the time please contact them and ask them why they allow terrorists to communicate through their web hosting service:

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NOC4Hosts Inc
400 N Tampa St, #1025
Tampa FL 33602 US
[email protected]
+1 888 848 4678

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Offers Palestinians Military and Economic Aid – And Help in Manufacturing Rockets Following are excerpts from the latest terrorist address broadcast through this “American”: “Israel is a Malignant Germ… The Jewish Traits, as Described in the Koran, Have Persisted through the Ages, and Are Passed from One Generation [of Jews] to the Next” “Today, I will devote my address to my perception about how to prevail in the struggle against the Jews… Before discussing the solution, let me state some facts that I believe to be true: The [duty of] liberating Al-Aqsa is incumbent upon every Muslim [around the world], just as every Palestinian Muslim has a duty [to participate in] liberating Iraq, Chechnya and other Muslim countries… IsraelIsrael is a malignant germ implanted in the heart of the Islamic nation, and it must be eradicated, even if the traitors sign a thousand capitulation agreements with it. There is no difference between Zionism and Judaism… since the traits of the Jews, as described in the Koran, have persisted through history, and are passed from one generation [of Jews] to the next… was founded on a religious basis. It is a religious state, and anyone who calls it a secular state is lying… “The nationalist Arabs and their wretched revolution had a hand in the establishment of Israel… The [various] Palestinian organizations… are the root of the problem… Allah has brought disaster upon them and has exposed their shame… The armed organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and especially Hamas – with the exception of the loyal [‘Izz Al-Din] Al-Qassam Brigades – have betrayed Islam and the [Islamic] nation, and have renounced the blood of the martyrs…” “The Leadership of Hamas has Betrayed Islam and Has Turned Its Back on Jihad Fighters Everywhere” “The treason of the Hamas leadership is characterized by the following: Its joining the political [process] within the framework of a constitution written by man and on the basis of the Oslo Accords, which surrenders three fourths of Palestine; its implicit recognizing of Israel; its announcement that it will honor the international agreements…; its forming a suspect alliance with Israel and with the regimes that have betrayed Islam, particularly with Egypt and Syria…; its turning its back on jihad fighters [everywhere]…; its announcing, in Moscow, that the issue of Chechnya is an internal [Russian] affair; [its announcing] that [Hamas] has had nothing to do with the jihad in Iraq and has not fired a single shot there; its announcing that [Hamas] is not interested in Islamization of [Palestinian] society… and its not demanding that the political process be in accordance with shari’a as well as its not implementing shari’a once it gained full control of Gaza; its [display of] overt hostility towards jihadi Salafism [the Islamic creed followed by Al-Qaeda]…; and its violating the [religious] prohibition on spilling Palestinian blood…” “Jihad is the Solution; There Is No Distinction Between Olmert… and ‘Abbas” “Our brothers in Palestine must know that jihad is the solution, and that under the pure flag of monotheism, there is no distinction between war against the Jewish infidel and [war against] the Palestinians who have betrayed Islam. Thus, there is no distinction between [Israeli Prime Minister] Olmert, with his [band of] criminals, and [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] ‘Abbas and his gang… “Another sector that must be dealt a heavy blow is the Shi’ites, and particularly their leaders. This cancer has already begun to spread among our brothers in Palestine, taking advantage of ignorance and poverty. [It is being spread by] a group of traitors who are collaborating with the Iranian Shi’ites, under the guise of ‘resistance [fighters]’… Allah’s warriors know that Shi’ism is not the [true] Islam revealed by our Prophet Muhammad, but is based on polytheism… “What would help our brothers in their jihad against the Jewish attack… [is] the establishment of a Salafi organization, which would embrace the [Salafi] ideology… would maintain active ties with the [religious] scholars, the sheikhs, the mosques and the leaders [of Palestinian society], and would train Palestinian youth to wage noble jihad… [Also,] the loyal [fighters] of the [‘Izz Al-Din] Al Qassam [Brigades] should announce that they are severing ties with Hamas and with its corrupt and deviant political leadership… ” The Islamic Nation Should Establish New Jihad Fronts To Ease Pressure on the Palestinians “The role that the [Islamic] nation must play in liberating Al-Aqsa is manifold. It must open new jihad fronts in order to take some of the Jewish and American pressure off our brothers in Palestine. At the same time, it must make sure to strengthen the existing jihad fronts – especially [where there is] a direct confrontation with [U.S.] troops, as in Iraq and Afghanistan… [The Islamic nation] must also break down the despicable checkpoints that encircle our brothers in Palestine: the Palestinians in Jordan must breach the [Jordanian] border in order to lift the economic siege off the West Bank… while the Egyptians must breach the border separating them from their brothers in Gaza… “In this context, I suggest that every Muslim put aside two dollars of his monthly income; half [the money] will go to our brothers in Palestine and the other half will go to the other [jihad] fronts. Virtuous people should establish secret charities… to collect this money and hold it until it can be sent on to its destination… Religious scholars must break down the barriers of fear… and inform [everyone] of the danger posed to the faith and to the [entire] world by the regimes that have betrayed Islam. [They must] support the jihad fighters and advise them by issuing fatwas… [In addition,] the media must truly support the jihad fighters by emphasizing their virtues and ignoring their flaws…” The ISI is Persecuted Because It is the Key to Liberating Jerusalem “As for the role of the ISI in liberating Palestine… we hope it will be the key to restoring [Muslim control over] Jerusalem. The Jews and the Muslims have already realized [its crucial importance], and have tried to prevent us from [attaining] this goal in every possible way. The vicious attack on the Al-Anbar [district] was motivated only by their realization that medium-range missiles fired from Al-Anbar can reach Israel, as demonstrated by Saddam [Hussein in the first Gulf War]… They know that some of [his] missiles are still around, and that new ones can be manufactured… “The crimes perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, and especially by Hamas-Iraq, by the [Iraqi] Islamic Party and by Al-Jaysh Al-Islami – [namely] the establishment of the Awakening movement and their continuing attempts to drive us out of Al-Anbar, with direct [collaboration] with the Americans – were aimed solely at preventing us from helping you [i.e. the Palestinians], even if [this help was] only from afar. But know that with Allah’s help, the future will be bright, [for] we will never [let] the collaborators and the traitors stand in our way… “We are willing to help you with the little money we have, and to train your fighters [in everything], from preparing explosive charges to manufacturing rockets… “[Signed] your brother, Abu Omar Al-Quraishi Al-Baghdadi.”