Shaker al-Abessi the al Qaeda leader for Iraq and Gaza, took responsibility today for both the explosion which blew up two UNIFIL soldiers and the three Katyushas launched into Israel early this morning-As reported by Debka:

Al Qaeda’s Fatah al-Islam claims two attacks on UN and Israel Tuesday, threatens Bush visitJanuary 8, 2008, 8:47 PM (GMT+02:00)Shaker al-Abessi, leader of al Qaeda’s new operational arm in Iraq and the Gaza Strip, congratulated the teams which blew up a UN vehicle at Rumailah in South Lebanon, injuring two Irish peacekeepers, and which fired three Katyusha rockets at the northern Israeli town of Shlomi. The attacks, he said, were a message to the “Crusader Army” and “the Jews,” and he vowed to step them up during the Bush visit to the region.US and Israeli security officers planning the US president’s stay starting Wednesday, Jan. 9, have taken terrorists threats seriously enough to rearrange his program. To avoid potential al Qaeda-related or Palestinian anti-air missile attacks, most of his movements in Israel and Palestinian areas will not be by helicopter but by road. Late last year, after Abessi’s terrorists were defeated in the northern Lebanese Nahr al Bard camp, al Qaeda bolstered Fatah al-Islam cells in the southern Lebanese Palestinian refugee camps, deployed a large force to the Gaza Strip and reassigned al Abessi to Iraq.